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  1. DCH

    C23 SD Card Slot

    The SD card slot in my C23 is having some issues. The card no longer clicks into place, and won't pop out when pressed in slightly to release it anymore. It slides in OK without resistance, but there is no spring resistance to push against anymore, it just slides in almost all the way but still...
  2. T

    C23 Camera SD card "spring" broken - difficult to get SD card to register - PLEASE HELP

    Has anyone else had the issue where the SD card spring is broken or missing on the C23 camera? I repaired a wrecked Typhoon H plus and have it flying great now but my problem is that is very difficult to get the SD card to register in the C23 camera. I push it in and says no SD card. I have to...
  3. G

    C23 issue possible repair needed

    Having an issue with my c23 after a burnt main board mid flight. Everything else repaird now attempting to figure the issue with the c23 it still transmit video. Tho there is no lose in video it’s like it’s disconnecting and reconnecting
  4. WTFDproject

    Link to "Way to Fix Drones project"

    The "Way to Fix Drones project" is a collection of member provided guidance related to several drone models. The document is contained within this link: "Way To Fix Drones project"
  5. I

    No video after upgrade

    Hi Upgraded to today and everything looked fine. but no contact with the camera. It binds to the camera but that's all. Gimbal works
  6. K

    Typoon h plus

    Hi fellow pilots I have an h plus and have been airborne About 30 times and just updatet all software BUT now i have problems c23 camera can NOT bind no video or nothing i can go up and down and side to side but no picture in st16 and my damper is leaking some fluid please help Going on...
  7. mbernholdt

    The coaster

    A coaster entering Enø (Enoe) harbor and the bird sanctuary Karrebaek fjord before sailing through Naestved canal. All images taken with the C23 on the H plus :-) Hope you like them
  8. mbernholdt

    Gunderslevholm Manor

    My latest commercial project is finally released by our client for sharing. The film is a presentation and invitation to clients and interested to come to visit the manor and see the beautiful renovation the farm buildings have undergone in the past years. Unfortunately, the speaker is in...
  9. mbernholdt

    Moens [Møns] Klint - The white cliff's in Autumn 2018

    Here is the video from my trip this past Sunday. The images can be seen here: A few from today's windy trip.
  10. mbernholdt

    A few from today's windy trip.

    A few images from today's windy trip to the coast, with the H plus and the Amazing C23 Camera :-) They are taken at Møns Klint [The cliff's at Moen] in Denmark. See on Google maps here: Google Maps
  11. Seerabike

    Micro SD card in Typhoon H Plus camera

    First time posting! Received my Typhoon H Plus a few weeks ago and no matter what I did I couldn't get the base station to recognize that the micro sd in the camera. I tried 3 different cards. I even bought a 128gb as the instructions say, "max/min 128gb". All to no avail. I finally called...
  12. Barton

    Can I use E90 ND and CPL filters on C23 camera?

    Basic newbie question... I recently purchased the H+ RS with the C23 camera. My understanding is that the C23 is a brother to the E90/H520 camera. I want to purchase the appropriate ND/CPL/UV filters for the H+. Is my assumption correct that filters that are advertised to work for the E90...
  13. J

    C23 Camera

    Does anyone know when the C23 Camera for the Typhoon H will be released in the US
  14. Breizhdrone

    Typhoon H480 Upgrade and new C23 camera

    Hi, A good news from Yuneec, Yuneec Europe and UK annonce that new C23 camera sell with Typhoon H Plus fit with old H480 copter ! At what price is the next question ? Some talk about US $ 900.00 Owners who decide to upgrade their Typhoon H will be rewarded with improved residual light...
  15. M

    Yuneec1 Inch Sensor Which Reportedly Fits 480 Part #

    Anybody know where these are available? Yuneec Part HB2207