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  1. J

    Brand new CG03+ for sale in the UK

    Hi all I have a brand new CG03+ for sale. I purchased it as a spare but find I don’t need it. Based in Wiltshire. Open to reasonable offers around £220
  2. C

    Places to buy a CGO3+ Camera in Hong Kong?

    I am going to Hong Kong for a holiday soon, I have checked Yuneec dealers to see if they have a CGO3+ which a can buy, but I have come up empty-handed. Does anyone know a Store in Hong Kong which sells the CG03+ Camera? Thanks
  3. Murray Martz

    It's the small details that count

    I'm posting a link below to a problem that was in another thread as I feel it is important for members to have a look. The problem was that the CG03+ would not center. The solution is the reason why even the smallest detail can go un-noticed when trying to solve a question to a problem with an...
  4. DmitriyA

    How to make the new camera work? How to do this?

    I bought a new camera. It is not recognized and the firmware from the flash card is not written. I installed the flash card on the camera. CG03+ what should be done to the camera began to work ???
  5. D

    CG03+ spins continuously after crash/repair

    My friend crashed his Typhoon H pretty bad causing damage to the camera housing, gimbal assy and slip ring. I was able to replace the housing and slip ring, but now the gimbal yaw motor spins non stop after power up. Any suggestions? BTW, this YouTube video is what I used to repair the slip...
  6. Chris Dunn

    CGO3+ angles down to 45 degrees

    Can anyone help me with this issue, Just over night it seems my Typhoon H camera angles down. This has now effected my main aircraft along with now my back up H. I have 3 ST-16 controllers and two H's I have already did the most recent update and cleared out all the settings as well
  7. P

    Night time tests of camera (CG03+)

    Yesterday I went out after the storm had subsided. I've had the Typhoon for quite some time, but I've never really gotten around to testing the low light capabilities properly. So here are the videos of me doing so. And to round it all off : here's a still image I took in DNG. Can't...
  8. P

    Trouble shooting CG03+

    I bought a new CGO3+ camera for my Typhoon H Pro. I downloaded updated software, and connected everything. I get a picture but the camera will not move or rotate in any direction. Is it a loose wire or a software issue.
  9. @

    CGO3+ has video, no pan or tilt

    Hello pilots, hopefully someone will have some answers for me. My issue is that my 80# dog came roaring into the house and slid into my h. The cgo3+ was knocked off. When i picked it up, noticed the camera mount tabs/slides were broke off. Ordered and put on the new mount. The video comes on the...
  10. WEDWay

    Wobbling Video

    I know I have seen some discussion about wobbling video, but I am haven't found a good answer to fix, other that sending it back to Yuneec. On that note, I only live about an hour away from their SoCal location, so that could be helpful. I but together some clips, titled for date, resolution...
  11. fux

    HOWTO: Update E, F, J, K to Standard (A) firmware, if latest version is already installed (v3.04)

    I finally found a solution to update the firmware of the CGO3+ from Europe (E), Australia / New Zealand (F), Japan (J) or Korea / Indonesia (K) to the Standard (A) version, if you have already the the same version installed. tl;dr: I uploaded the already patched firmware files, which you can...
  12. 0ldsc00ld0g

    CG03+ on H starts level then...

    My H's CG03+ camera is acting funny since day one. I have calibrated GPS, accelerometer and camera a few times. Works fine for about 5min then starts to go off level but not in one direction. If I land power down the H then power back up it works fine normally for the rest if the flight. See...