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compass calibration

  1. M

    Compass Calibration -- Does not match manual

    I recently acquired a Typhoon H and, I am confused. The firmware is updated on both the ST16, the aircraft, and the camera, and I took it out last night to do a compass calibration and (hopefully) fly it for the first time. However, when the compass calibration started, it did not match the...
  2. DoomMeister

    How To: Breeze Compass Calibration

    The compass (or magnetic) calibration is one of the most important things to accomplish on your Breeze to help prevent flyaways. This is best accomplished in an open field away from any electrical power lines (above or below ground), reinforced concrete slabs or buildings, metal objects like...
  3. H

    Compass Calibration

    Hi, does anyone have a good answer on this: How far from the calibration location the calibration is valid? If I fly to another country, make the compass calibration there in one location - then drive about 15 miles away and fly my Typhoon H. Is the calibration still valid 15 miles away from the...
  4. R

    Q500 Keeps Requiring Compass Calibration

    Hello, I recently crashed my Q500, using "smart" mode I ran into a tree. I have replaced the shell and everything looks good in the Q500 GUI. My problem is that each time I power on my Q500, I get a yellow/orange flash indication a compass issue. I have done pretty close to 100 compass...
  5. N

    Compass Calibration Peculiarities

    Has any 4K Pilot been able to fly his or her drone without the compass calibration routine? And had at least 12 to 18 sat.locks between the transmitter and the drone as well as 9 to 12 sats.between the transmitter and the camera? I pose this question because in my first two flights I have...

    Calibration of: Compass, Accelerometer, Gimbal Camera

    Here is a long overdue "Typhoon H calibration" video I recently put together. It is designed for new Typhoon H pilots (you experienced pilots already know all of this and much more). Instead of three separate videos, I put all 3 calibration items together in one video for easy reference. I...
  7. tinchob

    Compass Calibration !!!SUCCESS!!! (finally)

    well, after 10 attemps to Comp Cal my H, finally I succeeded. Analyzing my previous attempts, i realized that the key was in the spins of each pair of arms, must be done pretty fast. I mention, this time, it was a super clear spot on the banks of the Rio De La Plata, a place full of grass...
  8. P

    LED Status Indications Before/During Flight

    I'm new to this site, and want to say to everyone contributing information - THANK YOU! I love my 'H', but feel a bit shorted at this time by Yuneec's considerable lack of supporting information, like a systems/flight manual which seems to be a given. Anyway, your replies and the video links...