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How To: Breeze Compass Calibration

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Dec 25, 2017
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The compass (or magnetic) calibration is one of the most important things to accomplish on your Breeze to help prevent flyaways.

This is best accomplished in an open field away from any electrical power lines (above or below ground), reinforced concrete slabs or buildings, metal objects like cars, quads, or motorcycles, and microwave towers or radio antennas.

Place your phone in airplane mode and then enable WiFi (for unexplained reasons the final calibration step will fail if some phones are not placed in airplane mode).

Turn on the Breeze and connect via WiFi then enter the settings menu and proceed to the Compass Calibration in Drone Settings.

Face local Magnetic North with the Breeze camera facing you (it is a selfie drone after all) and press the Start Calibration button on the phone. Holding the Breeze about eye level follow the animations on the phone for the calibrations and rotate the Breeze as smoothly and evenly as possible. You will hear an audible beep as each portion passes.

For the first two calibration steps keep the axis of rotation as parallel to the ground as possible. For the third final step keep the Breeze as level as possible as you rotate it.

If you fly in the same general area you do not need to do this calibration each time you fly.

If you do a hardware reset on your Breeze for any reason, you should perform the Compass Calibration again.

If you are trying to do the compass calibration and keep getting a warning about the battery being less than 20%, place your phone in Airplane Mode and try again. This is a bug that showed up when users updated their phones to newer versions of iOS and Android.
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