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Compass Calibration !!!SUCCESS!!! (finally)

Jun 26, 2016
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Buenos Aires, ARG
well, after 10 attemps to Comp Cal my H, finally I succeeded. Analyzing my previous attempts, i realized that the key was in the spins of each pair of arms, must be done pretty fast. I mention, this time, it was a super clear spot on the banks of the Rio De La Plata, a place full of grass.
Pointing to Mag N and a bit over the line of sight of de eyes, to can see when the blinking leds goes changing to the next pair of arms. Makes one single turn when the blinking leds are allready blinking in the next pair and fails calibration with a solid white in master LED.

Now to get this bird in the air and check the several GPS dependant funtions. And the Wizard RC.

Many thanks to all of you that with your experiences were guiding me in the details on the calibration and who did not let me give up! and a bit of happy 200 years of independence !!!!!!
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Just go slow and Easey, always ask for help and watch all the Yuneec info videos. Your H should give you tons of enjoyment,if you just ease into it. I don't advise you to go and check out all the things your bird can do, newbies should learn how to fly your bird in a wide open safe area. While flying in autonomous program you might have to take over control and you have to know how to handle her or you will crash.

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