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firmware updates

  1. H

    No connection possible with USB from drone to remote control. (For updates) - Defective USB socket, support exchanged drone

    EDIT: The drone is sent in, according to the technician probably defective USB socket. - Drone got replaced by a new one, everything works now. Short: Is there a way to reset everything (RC and Drone) ? or install manually the Firmware to the Drone (ST16E does not recognize the drone via USB)...
  2. R

    iOS iPhone 7plus

    so I bought the breeze & have tried to see where the stream live option is at but I can’t find it. I have everything up to date and seen countless videos but to no avail. Anyone have any idea how I can get it to update to that version?
  3. W

    Yuneec's Typhoon H support is dead

    By now it should be clear to everyone that Yuneec is no longer supporting the Typhoon H with firmware updates. From messages on this board they are also apparently no longer supporting firmware updates for the 520. It appears Yuneec's marketing strategy is to sell and support a drone model for...
  4. ThunderChicken

    FAA Waiver and firmware updates

    My FAA waiver allows me to bench test as I want, but if I install the newest updates from YUNEEC am I going to lose this waiver in the process? I did search the forum and did not find anything that would relate to this issue.
  5. E

    Saving old firmware versions?

    I recently received a Typhoon H Pro and I haven't updated it yet. I would like to fly it for a bit before doing that in case something goes wrong with the update or wait and see if Yuneec will release a new one soon that fixes some of the problems I've read in here although I know most haven't...
  6. W

    QUESTION: Does firmware update 1.7 prevent flight?

    I am flying a Q500+ s10. My Typhoon is at Firmware 1.1 and it flies even though I'm in a "no fly zone" and my house is three blocks from a small airstrip. My question is if I update to the 1.7 firmware, will my ability to fly around my house be nixed? Or, if I upgrade firmware is there a way to...
  7. P

    LED Status Indications Before/During Flight

    I'm new to this site, and want to say to everyone contributing information - THANK YOU! I love my 'H', but feel a bit shorted at this time by Yuneec's considerable lack of supporting information, like a systems/flight manual which seems to be a given. Anyway, your replies and the video links...
  8. Chris McMillan

    Firmware Update - Update

    The title looks odd, but I'm wondering now I have my H, what's the latest on the firmware update. A while back I seem to remember some said go for it others said no need. What's everyone's thoughts? Any problems either way?
  9. M

    Tornado H920 Updates Requested!

    New to the forum and new to the H920. Love the machine. Very Very professional!! Here are some things I would love to see updated or changed in the H920 plus a few other thoughts. 1) Does anyone know if you can use the USB interface and change the AGL limits or use software to interface in any...