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  1. P

    Good News -> MAJOR Update for Typhoon H expected on January 1st

    On Thursday, I attended the 2017 PhotoPlus expo, where Yuneec was an exhibitor. I asked the representative at the booth about upcoming software updates for the H, specifically ones bringing some of the H520 features to the H. He told me that they are not promising anything yet, but to expect...
  2. J

    Stuck retracted legs

    Upon power on of the H520 in the field, the legs retracted of their own volition even though the blades weren't turning and the ST16S switch has the legs in the down position. Repeated attempts to lower the legs have failed. Does anyone know of a way of 'forcing' the legs back down? Otherwise...
  3. arruntus

    Micro SD problem. What Micro SD buy?

    I'm going to refuel a post that talk about the subject in order to get into it. Thx Bob520 The manual says the following. I bought this card. Samsung EVO Plus 128GB MicroSDXC With SD Adapter I put it in the camera and the ST16S immediately upon power-up tells me that there is no Micro SD...
  4. M

    No clue how to connect ST16S controller to Wifi for offline maps

    Hello, I have poured through the user manual. Can anyone tell me how to do this> Mark
  5. J

    H520 Emergency Chute

    Does anyone know of options for fitting a remotely or automatically activated chute to an H520? Looking at getting safety sign off for some work within the city and this was mentioned as something that could help get approval.
  6. J

    Human Readable Flight Data

    Guys, I might be missing something, but I can't seem to find a view/screen on the ST16S that shows me a view of flight information for manual flights flown. I flew the H520 for the first time today and went to update my flight log, etc and suddenly realised I had no idea how to get an overview...
  7. J

    Can't calibrate H520 Accelerometer

    I'm getting an error message on the ST16S when I try and calibrate the Accelerometer. The calibration fails each time with the depressing descending set of beeps, and then an error on the ST16S: EMERGENCY: Mag 0 fail: TOUT! I've tried in various locations and all fail in the same way. Also...
  8. L

    H520 Motor Failure

    I very recently purchased an H520 and went out into the field today to test the aircraft, the first real test that I have done with it. However, towards the end of my 2nd battery (~50% remaining), the transmitter gave a warning that the #5 motor had stopped and the aircraft was operating on...
  9. arruntus

    How To: Basic procedures with the H520 and cameras

    [Mod Edit] A BIG thanks to @arruntus for putting together this thread... which pretty much has most of the instructional videos on the 520... :cool: =================================================== Basic Procedures (Getting Started) All the basic steps to make a flight. Spread arms, mount...
  10. topo971

    Waypoint menu

    Hi from From West Indies, I saw on ytb footage a waypoint menu for Tornado's and H520's ST16. Is it available for Typhoons or can it be uploaded from yuneec site. Thank's for your help.
  11. T

    CES 2017= Real Pics of Yuneec's New Model & Valet Drone

    New Yuneec Typhoon H520 and Valet drone - WeTalkUAV