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  1. M

    FPV compatibility for H520

    Can anyone tell me whether the Yuneec Skyview goggles and the Avegant Glyph headset work with the H520-I have contacted Avegant and Yuneec but cannot get a definitive answer. If any member has successfully used these devices with the H520 I would really like to know their opinions.
  2. D

    Datapilot planner "offline maps"

    Hi, I have a H520 since last week and i have a problem: When I download offline maps with datapilotplanner on my Mac and the I sync them with my st16s, I did not see them on my controller. The datapilot planner on my Mac sent them and give me a notice that everything is ok and done. Is there...
  3. N

    Team Mode H520

    Does anyone know if team mode will be available for the H520? It would be cool if one person can fly and the other can take pictures or film.
  4. J

    Yuneec H520 Drone+E90 Camera With 4 Batteries $2,800

    Yuneec H520 with E90 4k 60fps camera. Drone has been test flown and taken on jobs for backup, but was never flown for work. Less than 12 flights, like new. Offered for $2,800, which includes 2 extra flight batteries. Message me if you are interested.
  5. F

    CGOET for sale (H520 version)

    IMG_0691 by FasterPastor posted May 4, 2018 at 1:21 PMIMG_0697 by FasterPastor posted May 4, 2018 at 1:21 PMSo purchased this directly from Yuneec in January 2018 thinking I would develop some offerings with thermal. Now it is May....... Flew it twice just to try it out. One pleasant surprise...
  6. Haydn

    H Plus interface on the H520

    here's a short clip I did of the new interface. Mountain View Enterprises So why in the H520 thread? Will if this does indeed work. And it seems that it will. Then the H520 just got a lot more awesome. You can have the best of both worlds. Commercial DataPilot Consumer Flightmode2.0 Can't...
  7. Haydn

    New video of interface

    here's a short clip I did of the new interface. Putting this in the H520 group as well. Mountain View Enterprises
  8. Drones.scot

    CGOET recording thermal video?

    After taking the H520 out to test the thermal camera I noticed that there was two videos saved on the ST16 and not on the camera SD card, one named "date/time" and the other "date/time/thermal. Here's a one drive link to both Public Have any of you seen anything from Yuneec on this?
  9. A

    Moving from Inspire 2 to H520. Have I made a mistake?

    im selling my DJI Inspire 2 system and moving to the H520. It arrives today. I’ve ordered all 3 cameras to ensure I can offer full range of services through my commercial operation. I thought I’d researched everything possible about the H520 but I seemed to have missed the messages on this page...
  10. dsandson

    UgCS for H520

    Folks, quick heads up as I haven't seen it posted here but it looks like UgCS now supports the Yuneec H520 as of mid-January. Has anyone used it for other drone makes? Any thoughts on the usefulness of the planning tools? I dont have an H520 but its certainly on the radar for later this year...
  11. J

    DroneU podcast on merits of H520

    ADU 0715: Why didn't we use the Yuneec H520 to shoot our mapping course? - Drone U™ Pretty long winded and full of self promotion at the beginning, but the bulk of the discussion is on the merits of using the H520 in comparison to a P4. They seem to love the H520 on the whole. The main issue...
  12. D

    Handset Charging...

    Hi folks - I'm new here. Bought my H520 today but am having a bit of a problem already. After unboxing it and following the start up instructions pretty much to the letter, I got it up in the air. A couple of basic moves and one or two landings later the remote switched off and the drone landed...
  13. G

    Is the Typhoon H480 a good Christmas present?

    I say it is the best value in its price range and class considering it is a hexa. However, according to the linked guide below based on new models and accessories for 2017, the DJI MP and P4 are the top two, with the Yuneec H520 being #3 in the $500-2000 range. The H520 has no camera, so...
  14. Aeriform Views

    H520 in Wind

    Hi All, I have the H520 & wondered what wind speeds people had managed to fly in? Any guidance / advice would be most welcomed. Many thanks. Pete
  15. Haydn

    New case trial....

    Ok so I scored a second hand Pelican 1640 for US$140 delivered. Thought I would do a trial of a ready to fly props on configuration. I am thinking of putting the legs in the up position. ## Edit ## haha:D I just realised that the legs up position could mean what my photo had in it... I was...
  16. J

    Real World Range of H520 and E90

    Does anyone have any practical knowledge of horizontal range for the ST16S (standard) and H520 with E90? I was filming at a golf course yesterday and had 2 video losses and choppy, lagging video when it got beyond about 300m. The documentation says up to 1.6km in ideal conditions. It go so...
  17. J

    H520 near High Voltage Power Lines

    Hi, I have a video / photo shoot this week at a golf course. Some of the holes they have asked to have filmed start or end under or near some high voltage power lines. I've heard mixed stories of flying drones near, under and over such cables. Some people say its fine and reference how they have...
  18. J

    H520 Preflight Checklist - A5

    Just in case anyone finds it useful, I copy/pasted the H520 Preflight info from their manual onto a PDF that can be printed A5 and laminated, then kept with the drone and used in the field. I've done this for my intended commercial ops manual, etc but thought I'd share in case it was of use to...
  19. DroneCalzone

    Orbit/Follow Me/other intelligent flight modes

    I've heard rumors that "on this or that drone fair" someone "saw for sure" that the H520 had the intelligent flight modes. Anyone else heard about it? I certainly don't have them. Perhaps they are available only in the US firmware? (I don't think so though). Most likely that's bogus, because...
  20. J

    No Yuneec or Dealer Support - need commercial support

    I had a suspected issue with the ST16S recently after buying and shipping a new H520 / E90 to NZ from Vertigo Drones in the US. I contacted Vertigo and Yuneec US, raising tickets in their respective support applications. Yuneec responded saying that whilst the product was correctly registered...