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help please

  1. T

    Aquiring GPS

    I just purchased a Tornado H920 that is stuck on aquiring gps. How do I get the gps located. This is my first time ever owning a yunee drone.
  2. S

    Greetings from VA!

    Hello. And thank you for having this great group. I’ve had my Mantis G for almost a year now and I love it. Bad thing happened the other day, see photos. Any help is appreciated. I prefer to fix it myself but i need a good parts and advice source. Any suggestions? Cheers.
  3. C

    Aftermarket battery not charging.

    4 new ultrax batteries not charging in my original typhoon H+ charger. Original batteries charge fine.
  4. W

    Camera inout underbelly q500+

    Ok here's the situation. I went to set up my q500+, which was and had been working great...until it didnt... That being said, i went to hook up cg02+ to the underbelly only to find out that the insert which is suppose to cover the 4 pin connector where the camera plugs into the actual drone...
  5. S

    4th of July Update Bricked ST16S

    I just started the update, and everything went fine till it was the TX turn to update. First off it said I was updating from 0.3.0 to 1.0.1 or something very close to that. Then it reboots and downloads version 0.33.0 and says that it was on version 0.0.1?? After that the screen went dark like...
  6. DoomMeister

    How To: Troubleshoot the Breeze and Request Help in the Forum

    We are here to help each other with flying and maintaining our Yuneec aircraft. To aid the troubleshooting process the steps below will help reduce repeating the same information each time someone asks for help. If followed it will also give us the information needed to help you in a more timely...
  7. C

    Typhoon G Transmitter

    Does anyone know where I can find a controller for my typhoon G? Also may need a new receiver.. Thank you any help is appreciated. Very new to the drone scene:)
  8. Q

    Typhoon H Timelapse Problem.

    Hello, I am new here and I have a question about the timelapse of the typhoon H. I was taking a timelapse of a house with the Point Of Interest. I let it take pictures for about 90 seconds but it only took 6 images, and the last image was crashed, split in half with green or grey background. I...
  9. M

    I can't seem to find help contacting yuneec.

    I tried calling the number they listed on their website last week and it didn't work so I left my number. Still no phone call back. But okay so here's my problem. I've had my yuneec breeze since December and have been flying it perfectly fine since then. But earlier last week I brought it out...
  10. A

    3.97mm f/2.8 Typhoon H Lens Upgrade

    So I recently took on the lens upgrade but my 3.97mm f/2.8 Lens did not come with the threaded mount and this is an issue in my case because our Typhoon H has a smooth barrel. After some TENSE work into removing the lens i found out it is a fixed glued lens. Do any of you have some "Hacks" i am...
  11. D

    PLEASE HELP .. In Australia

    My near new , and 2nd Yuneec Q500 4K just fell out of the sky ( first one was my fault ) But this time it just flashed like crazy for a second or 2 and then went dark and fell only to light up not far from ground and smashed ... in Australia , who do I call in OZ , can anyone here help me ...
  12. Cranky Trapper

    The beeping is drivin' me crazy!

    Ok..... So a while back I had a little crash and burn with my Q5004K.... some of the wires were disconnected from the camera and gimbal. I repaired as much as I could and then took it to the shop where I bought it to solder the wires I couldn't. When I turn on the unit its still beeping the...
  13. C

    How do I replace landing gear motor?

    I recently crashed my Typhoon H into a tree, which caused some propellers to break, and a hard landing followed, resulting in a broken landing gear motor. I have purchased the replacement part, but after awhile of unsuccessfully trying to unscrew it, I have zero idea what I'm doing, and don't...
  14. Hansel

    breeze update fail

    I just got the new breeze I try to update firmware but apdate fail I don't know how to apdate is there any other way Im using my iphone