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mantis q

  1. S

    Anyone successfully achieved the advertised range?

    To start...I love the Mantis Q, but has anyone reached the stated range of 4,921 feet? So far the furthest I have achieved is 1,200 feet at an altitude of 200 feet. Granted, I am flying it in Connecticut where it is below 32 degrees which could be the reason for the range reduction although it...
  2. E

    Worth it?

    Hi all, I’m new .. literally just made an account. I wanted to buy the DJI Spark Controller Bundle set but everywhere is sold out (thinking it’s discontinued) so I searched for more drones in the same price range and found this brand and model. I’m really debating on buying it today but.. is...
  3. K

    Mantis Q Connection Problem. Help please

    Hello there! I just bought this drone and I have a big problem with it. Last day I flew with it without any problem. Today, when I try to bind the drone with my phone it refuse to connect. I can see the drone on Wireless, I connect on it but it still says "NO CONNECTION" on app. I tried to...
  4. MBurgunder

    Hello from FL, looking for some help diving into the nitty-gritty of things

    Hello there, I'm Mitch, a software engineer from Melourne, FL. I'm essentially brand new to drones, just started getting into things a month ago. I have my hands on a Mantis Q drone that I'm looking to control using a computer application that implements MAVSDK (formerly known as...
  5. U

    Using Mantis Q and QGROUNDCONTROL -update firmware

    I have a brand new Yuneec Mantis Q and I want to use QGC to plan and fly missions. I have updated all software on Manits through their app but when I tried to fly a mission in QGC I received a warning my Firmware is out of data and it will arm but will not execute mission. So I connected the...
  6. FidgetyFlower

    Lost my yuneec mantis q

    Hello, i lost my Yunec mantis q while flying. I tried to track the location with the app but it didn t work. Can anyone maybe help me?
  7. S

    New mantis q pilot

    Hi friend's, Loyd Slade here. Just saying hello from NC, USA. I am here I. Need of help with my mantis q so if anyone has knowledge of this model is would greatly appreciate it..
  8. DoomMeister

    Yuneec Pilot Updates

    The new version of Pilot (1.1.2) has added a manual IPS mode that allows the GPS to be disabled indoors. This is good news for indoor fliers. Thumbs up to Yuneec for listening. Edit 12/07/2018: I merged two of my posts to allow one post to be updated as new versions come out from Yuneec. It...