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mantis q

  1. DoomMeister

    Yuneec Pilot (Android) Now on Yuneec Website

    This subject is explained in this thread Yuneec Pilot (Android) on Yuneec Website. UPDATE: Jan 6, 2020 the app returned to Google Play, but was removed again before the end of the month. I assume Yuneec and Google cant come to terms.
  2. DoomMeister

    Yuneec Pilot (Android) on Yuneec Website

    In the same manner as the Breeze Cam app for Android users earlier this year the Yuneec Pilot app has been pulled from the Google Play Store and placed on the Yuneec website in the Downloads section https://www.yuneec.com/en_US/support/downloads/mantis-g-us.html. UPDATE: Jan 6, 2020 I learned...
  3. S

    Anyone successfully achieved the advertised range?

    To start...I love the Mantis Q, but has anyone reached the stated range of 4,921 feet? So far the furthest I have achieved is 1,200 feet at an altitude of 200 feet. Granted, I am flying it in Connecticut where it is below 32 degrees which could be the reason for the range reduction although it...
  4. E

    Worth it?

    Hi all, I’m new .. literally just made an account. I wanted to buy the DJI Spark Controller Bundle set but everywhere is sold out (thinking it’s discontinued) so I searched for more drones in the same price range and found this brand and model. I’m really debating on buying it today but.. is...
  5. K

    Mantis Q Connection Problem. Help please

    Hello there! I just bought this drone and I have a big problem with it. Last day I flew with it without any problem. Today, when I try to bind the drone with my phone it refuse to connect. I can see the drone on Wireless, I connect on it but it still says "NO CONNECTION" on app. I tried to...
  6. MBurgunder

    Hello from FL, looking for some help diving into the nitty-gritty of things

    Hello there, I'm Mitch, a software engineer from Melourne, FL. I'm essentially brand new to drones, just started getting into things a month ago. I have my hands on a Mantis Q drone that I'm looking to control using a computer application that implements MAVSDK (formerly known as...
  7. U

    Using Mantis Q and QGROUNDCONTROL -update firmware

    I have a brand new Yuneec Mantis Q and I want to use QGC to plan and fly missions. I have updated all software on Manits through their app but when I tried to fly a mission in QGC I received a warning my Firmware is out of data and it will arm but will not execute mission. So I connected the...
  8. FidgetyFlower

    Lost my yuneec mantis q

    Hello, i lost my Yunec mantis q while flying. I tried to track the location with the app but it didn t work. Can anyone maybe help me?
  9. S

    New mantis q pilot

    Hi friend's, Loyd Slade here. Just saying hello from NC, USA. I am here I. Need of help with my mantis q so if anyone has knowledge of this model is would greatly appreciate it..
  10. DoomMeister

    Yuneec Pilot Updates

    The new version of Pilot (1.1.2) has added a manual IPS mode that allows the GPS to be disabled indoors. This is good news for indoor fliers. Thumbs up to Yuneec for listening. Edit 12/07/2018: I merged two of my posts to allow one post to be updated as new versions come out from Yuneec. It...