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  1. H

    Storage Warning

    So iv just dusted off my Yuneec Mantis Q 45mph drone for a bit of fun only to be met with disappointment with a £210 Bill! Its been in the spare room on a shelf inside its carry case for about a year. Bought it with 3 batteries which cost around 70gbp each or 210 total. Not a single battery is...
  2. B

    Totally Disappointed, unreliability, embarrassment

    It's been almost two years since I bought my first Typhoon, I was excited, read all the manuals watched all the videos, learnt how to fly, yes crashed a few times like everyone does. I built a very cool and successful webpage for my new acquisition posted flights and began to book aerial work. I...
  3. L

    Firmware issues - my workaround

    Some background: So, my experience of Yuneec's Breeze drone has been mixed, to say the least. The first one I purchased developed an issue with the camera's servo motors. Loud scraping noise, then it froze completely. Drone was replaced under warranty - great stuff. This replacement drone then...

    Important FIRMWARE version B23 - List Known Issues Here

    Yuneec has been great at adding many features we have been asking for to each firmware update. I've been very pleased with the latest firmware update, but as can be seen on this forum, others have had some minor and major issues which seem to only have occurred after the new firmware was...
  5. Danny Baur

    Here's my gig

    I bought the H early not just to fly it but to wait until all the bugs are out... Well, not all the bugs... So far, I have only experienced problems once and grounded my H before anything bad happened. This thread is for fellows H pilots that feel the same way.... Buying early, but not flying...
  6. S

    Blurry Typhoon H Footage and Stills

    Hi, I'm getting some pretty terrible footage/stills out of my Typhoon H after the first flight today. I have 1/60 shutter, manual WB, and a Polar Pro ND 16 on the lens. Should I not shoot in the log mode? Is 1/60 shutter too low? Do Polar Pros stink? I thought it might be vibrations from the...
  7. R

    Typhoon H - Controls backward?

    Ok. So maiden didn't go well (or at all really). No crash, but almost. The controls appear to be backwards (at least on pitch and roll) and on takeoff, there was an aggressive drift backward with no input. As for the reversed controls, having built many multi-rotors, I am not a stranger to...
  8. Chris McMillan

    Tips for landing the H

    Having read the posts from some people about problems with landing, I thought it would be timely to have a thread dedicated to landing the aircraft. Please submit your experiences including the various modes, types of ground surface and, of course, prevailing winds. I'm still awaiting my...