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Tips for landing the H

Mar 24, 2016
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Melbourne, Australia
Having read the posts from some people about problems with landing, I thought it would be timely to have a thread dedicated to landing the aircraft.
Please submit your experiences including the various modes, types of ground surface and, of course, prevailing winds.
I'm still awaiting my purchase, so can't add any helpful items at this stage, but I hope to..... Next week!
When I called Yuneec to report my crash I spoke with Mike in tech support. He has his own H. He said to land he pulls the throttle down all the way and when he hears the motors slow down he slowly returns the stick to the center position. He suggested not to just let go of the stick as it might snap back above center and that would initiate a lift off.

My own smoothest landings were performed by hitting the red power button shortly after touchdown, both in Smart and Angle modes. Landing in grass about 4" tall. Winds at ground level about 5 MPH on average I'd guess.
Talked to Yuneec this morning about my 3 issues. Sent them the video of the gimbal issue, the rolling around in the controller and the dead battery. For the battery he said 1st to see if i can get a charge in the car to start, it worked for someone else
I've found the H super easy to land. Just slow it down when it gets close, it doesn't seem to get caught in much ground effect, and when it touches down keep the collective (throttle) in the slightly "down" position and the rotors go into an "idle" mode (like when you first start up the rotors before you take off.) Then hit the red button for a couple seconds and the rotors will stop spinning. You don't have to use the right stick at all if you're over your LZ, these multi-rotors are so stable.

Or hit the "Home" switch and it does everything for you including shutting off the rotors entirely, just don't be standing under a tree when you do this.
I've landed in gusty conditions both on grass and loose rock/gravel. I use angle mode to position the TH over my intended landing point (or you can use RTH) then I slowly push the left stick down. As it gets close to the ground, I release some of the downward pressure until the H is hovering 6" to a foot above the ground. This is where any 'ground effect' would come to play. Now I slowly lower the H until it softly touches the ground. When the motors return to 'idle' I press the engine stop button to bring my flight to an end.

As part of any 'training' regiment I recommend spending a couple of full battery cycles just taking off, hovering, and landing. Try landing on different surfaces and on different angles so you can get the feel for it. Once you are comfortable with that, have a spotter observe the H while you practice using the camera ONLY to successfully land the drone. This will come in handy in the event of an emergency that has you force landing your baby somewhere other than where you have full visibility of it.

Its better to practice these things under controlled conditions so you are prepared if there is ever an actual emergency.
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I like to land the H on hard level ground with throttle lever down while pressing red button. This locks you on the ground if a sudden gust of wind or FOD is picked up by blades. When I turn the drone off, I never place my hand or fingers in prop arcs, even while they are stopped. Safety is no accident!
You guys may have seen this.

I use RTH until H gets head high and then flip to angle mode and gently lower it down. Since I am a beginner, I put it at turtle speed to touch down.

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