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typhoon g

  1. J

    Selling Experience Guidance - ebay/facebook

    Any recommendations on selling a Typhoon G? (single flight/no crashes) Has anyone had any positive experience selling them on facebook marketplace or ebay? thanks. - Jeff
  2. C

    Typhoon G Transmitter

    Does anyone know where I can find a controller for my typhoon G? Also may need a new receiver.. Thank you any help is appreciated. Very new to the drone scene:)
  3. P

    My 1st footage of Typhoon G

    Greetings from Helsinki, Finland :)
  4. md95tsi

    Typhoon G vibrating and slow yall

    Hey I have a Typhoon G and when I went to fly it today I noticed a couple of issues with it. I am hoping someone out there can provide some input on any of the following issues. 1) One motor slower starting than others. 2) Horrible vibrations throughout the entire fuselodge, with or without...
  5. AdrianoMTL

    Yuneec Typhoon G Sunset Photos .....

    Just have some shoots in wind speed between 17-19 km hour.(this is the limit for Typhoon G 500). Advice for taking pictures like in the examples below : 1.Shoot strait to avoid the curve horizon line 2.Shoot in M mode on 100 Iso and play with Exposure 1.30 ,1.60 .1.80 etc. 3.Shoot in DNG (Raw)...
  6. AdrianoMTL

    About Yuneec G....same advises and conclusions

    Hi My name is Adriano Im from Montreal,Quebec ,Canada. Just 2 weeks ago I get a Deal a refurbished Typhoon G with ghimbal for the Go pro and with nice CGO 3 4K camera coming with hand stabilizator.....the deal cost me 512 cad dollars and get it from Best Buy Canada. Conclusions : 1.In the box...
  7. S

    Flying Typhoon G in Greece

    I am a first time flyer. I purchased Yuneec Typhoon G days before leaving to a small Island in Greece. I had no prior experience but found the drone fairly easy to operate and responsive. I had an issue with video feed. The issue was corrected thru Yuneec. However the video was shot flying...
  8. T

    Hello from Pensacola, Florida USA

    Hello fellow Yuneec Pilots. Happy to be a part of this forum. Been reading a lot for the past few months, getting my feet wet in the drone world. Ironically, just a few months ago I was NOT into these 'stupid toy drones' as I had previously called them. I had bought a Holy Stone HS200W for...
  9. M

    Can I use a ST-16 controler on my typhoon g or Q500 4k

    I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using a ST-16 controller for a typhoon g or a Q 500 4k? I wanted to use a st-16 because it has a bigger screen than a st-10a, plus it has a HDMI output so I can use my skyview goggles and I can upload android apps.
  10. R

    Typhoon G gimbal pitch control

    I recently picked up a Typhoon G (Factory Re-certified) to make use of a GoPro I had and it appears that the pitch control on the gimbal does not function when attached to the quadcopter. The pitch control DOES work on the steady grip, but not on the bird. Where should I look for the problem?
  11. K


    is there anything special that I have to do after an update and does any one know what's so new with this last update with the typhoon G. I'm trying to figure should I update or not just bought this thing bout a week ago.
  12. bayport

    Last flight with my Typhoon few weeks ago...

    My last flight with my Typhoon G - which is now unfortunately sold. Aerial footage with GoPro Hero4Black. Appreciate your feedback, guys! Cheers.
  13. Slave Sees Master.jpg

    Slave Sees Master.jpg

  14. K

    Looking for Typhoon Gopro Gimbal plus MK58 and cables (below $200)

    I have a yuneec typhoon 4K and I would like to use my Gopro hero 4 on the drone. I am looking for a complete set of Typhoon Gopro gimbal (gimbal, MK58, and cables) under my budget. I don't need a steadygrip since I already have one. Thank you.
  15. L

    Typhoon G GoPro-gimbal

    Im looking for a new or used GoPro-gimbal for my Tyhoon G - anyone? Will need to have it shipped international but will cover the costs of this.
  16. I

    detailed manual

    I've just purchased a typhoon g and would like to find a detailed manual that goes into details on the transmitter ground station controls, etc.
  17. L

    Weak (bad really) support from YuneecUK

    Big fan of the TyphoonG and have had lots of fun flying but trying to buy parts or get support from here in Norway is unsatisfactory to say the least. I have written mails to both Sales and Support (UK) but heard nothing from them after two weeks - nothing. Its sad that such a fine product has...
  18. H

    Video of NY State Capitol and Empire Plaza.

    My first major flight with the Typhoon G. While visiting friends in Albany, I took my kit with me. This was only my 6th flight with a Yuneec Typhoon, and 3rd with this particular quad (I had to return my first Typhoon G due to issues with the video downlink). I'm still getting used to...
  19. Will

    ST10+ reads Typhoon battery incorrectly

    I have a major question. I charge my batteries and balance them to 4.2 per cell. So I have a total of 12.6 when my batteries get off the charger. I have charged them and plugged them directly into my Typhoon G. On the ST10+ my battery levels are 12.2 to 12.3 every time no matter what I do. This...
  20. B

    Longer Video Transmitter for a longer range on in distance out

    Hello everyone , I have a great question to be answered so the wireless transmitter it came with kinda dies out after going about 70ft out in distance I want to get a distance of 500ft or very very close to it , please can some one help me with this flying it only 70 feet away is pretty...