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  1. S

    Waypoints in H920 (not plus) & ST24

    Dear Yuneec H920 (not plus) users, I wanted to ask you, if there is a way to use waypoints with Tornado H920 (not plus) and ST24 station? From my initial search, it seams that waypoints are only available in H920 Plus with ST16 station. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could share their...
  2. DroneCalzone

    Anyone tried binding H480 using a H920+ profile on ST16?

    Hi, so did anyone try to take your ST16, make a H920 profile and then bind it to an actual H480 copter? Or, more interestingly, did anyone try to fly it? :D I tried binding it, and it seems to work flawlessly. Telemetry is there, all controls seem to work, video signal from CGO3+ is perfect...
  3. DroneCalzone

    Any way to get current copter position displayed live on a map?

    Hello! I'm preparing for a BVLOS training and exams and I'd like to use my H to get certified. For that I will need to have the possibility of planning a route and displaying my current position on a map. Current heading would also be very useful (along with altitude, but that is already easily...
  4. Brent D

    Waypoints test

    Decided to give the waypoints mod a test yesterday. It worked great... I didnt adjust the camera per/point. Just left it default.
  5. Snagglesworth

    Way points on the h480

    So I don't know if anyone else has stumbled across this yet but with the new update we can now do waypoints. Create a new model and select H920 Pair up your craft and camera (select cgo3 pro) Now go to your task modes and you have waypoints. Select it and it takes you to the waypoints editor...
  6. J

    Pixhawk installation on typhoon h

    Has anyone installed a pixhawk on a typhoon h yet? It would make it a much more capable mapping bird. I like the machine for its looks, build quality and it's hexa not quad. Kind of limited for mapping though. Instead of waiting for yuneec to release a firmware update, would a pixhawk go in...
  7. D

    Hplan - Typhoon H CCC route planning web app

    Hi guys, My friend and I have been hard at work at a Waypoint planner web app for the Typhoon H. I just found out that in the meantime another app like this popped up. Oh well, you can decide which one you like best. Flight Planner H - Waypoints Creator for Yuneec Typhoon H Please use the "?"...
  8. C

    Groundstation Question

    Hey everyone. I just had my maiden flight yesterday and I am so stoked! However, is there a way to set up waypoints for a flight path for the Typhoon H? I'm looking for a way to have it fly automatically on a flight path over some fields and orchards. I would love to know if this is...
  9. Aviator G


    Any word on if or when waypoints will be available for the typhoons? Or am I missing something and there's already a way to set em?