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yuneec h

  1. Capt. Overview

    Drone Compilation video using Typhoon H and Breeze

    The majority of the video in this compilation is from my TH, with a few bits (the less steady ones) from my Breeze. I hope you enjoy them!
  2. Chris McMillan

    A cautionary "H" problem, and fix

    My "H" is now over 1 year old, and up until recently behaving itself really well. I download each of the firmware/software. I'm currently on the latest (B30). I had been happily using the newer feature of "Cruise Control" from last September's update, namely the "DPad" buttons for camera and...
  3. B

    small footage from Iceland taken with H

    this is from the glacier vatnajökull and surroundings this is from first flight of Typhoon H between continents USA and EU
  4. Chris McMillan

    ST16 Clock fixed?

    Still trying to get the time right on the ST16. I've got the original Advanced model.... tried all the suggestions re correcting the "hour out" error but nothing works. Anyone had any luck getting the system clock to hold the correct time?
  5. Chris McMillan

    An interesting bridge of water...

    Taken at a nearby beach, not edited correctly, but you get the idea...
  6. Capt. Overview

    How "waterproof" is the Typhoon H?

    OK, I live in Oregon, and as you might imagine, we have a reason for a rainy reputation: it rains. Sometimes for long stretches. Can anyone tell me how "rainproof" the H is? The top section is clearly open-air to keep the innards cool while flying, and I'm just going to assume that all those...
  7. Y

    Yuneec Typhoon H Follows a Boat!!!

    Footage of the Yuneec Typhoon H overlooking NYC, Ellis Island & The Statue of Liberty. The boat is a 34' Chaparral 337 SSX Please let me know what you guys think of it. Tips and Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Chris McMillan

    Oz update on batteries

    I've just got off the phone to my local dealer.... I have good news and bad news The Battery update is this.... The good news....It's changed from "next week" The bad news.... It's next month...... That's coming up to 3 months on one battery..... Not happy Are you scanning this Yuneec? NOT HAPPY.
  9. Chris McMillan

    Getting bored with H "knocking"?

    I'm like a lot of other flyers on here, got the H because I like the thing. It flies well, generally behaves itself, a bit frustrated with a lack of supplies etc. I'm not worried about: having a map on my screen, that I can't fly 10 miles away, start up time (although that looks to be addressed...
  10. Chris McMillan

    A battery update for those interested...

    Greetings from Australia...... Stop press news on spare batteries......... Nothing here yet, and according to the importers, nothing in the pipeline. Everyone here surviving on one battery each and a couple of spare blades...... Don't know what's going on with the Yuneec distribution...
  11. Chris McMillan

    Anyone use Exmaps, is there a tutorial?

    Is anyone using Exmaps? I've joined, but unable to use.
  12. Omar Dairky

    YUNEEC TYPHOON H's Landing Gears...

    People wanted to know, "Do the landing gears on the H come down automatically if you forget and are too close to the ground?" We wanted to find out and this is what the answer is: For all your drone needs: www.AcesDeals.biz or 888.239.2644
  13. Chris McMillan

    New vid from Simon Newton

    I've been quite impressed with his series (On the Kitchen Table) on the H, and here's the latest one... A number of FAQ's answered. It seems he comes from a completely DJI background and appears to be very impressed with Yuneec. If you haven't already, I suggest you subscribe to his channel, as...
  14. W

    ST-12 or ST-16 as second controller anyone know where i could find one?

    I am looking everywhere for an ST-12 Or ST-16. I can't find them anywhere. Any and all help appreciated. Thanks
  15. Chris McMillan

    I'm starting a new Yuneec "H" Group

    It's going to be called the "Yuneec Waiters Club" You can only join if you've paid money for something that was supposed to be delivered weeks ago, and you've been given no updates or apologies or offers of goodies and future discounts to show their sincerity, whilst this interminable...