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13/07/2016 Firmware Update, now No wifi and flashing blue LED!

Jul 18, 2016
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Hello All

I am new to the Typhoon H so please forgive me if I am missing something fundamental!

Yesterday I updated the Firmware on the ST16 and the Tyhphoon H. Firmware

Typhoon H No version number release date 13/07/2016
ST16 st16_system_v03.01.b22 release date 13/07/2016

However, now the ST16 will not detect the UAS and the main Led constantly flashes blue. Oddly the camera connects and I can take video and stills but there is no pan control. Prior to this all connections had been fine.

I have tried:

Reloading the firmware on both the ST16 and the UAS and the issue remains.
Creating a new model - no change the ST16 still does not locate the UAS.

I have contacted the Yuneec Uk today and havent had a response yet.

Has anyone else had this issue and managed to resolve it?

Grateful for any pointers!
You need to rebind the Typhoon H to the ST-16 again. With the controller on and bird on, tilt the bird at a 45 degree angle forward twice. You will then get a flashing orange light, there go to setting, bind and refresh and you should see the ST-16 appear. Tap on it and then tap on bind and you're good to go!!!! Hope that helps
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PRnNjs Finest. Thankk for the advice. unfortunately no joy. I dont get an orange light when I tilt the drone.
How sensitive is it to the tilt? I have tried all sorts, including going well beyond a 45 degree tilt.

I assume that the orange light comes on after the second tilt?

I am concerned that it might be a dodgy accelerometer and planned to connect the drone to the GUI. Trouble is the download from the Yuneec site appears to have a virus.

I'm not having a lot of luck at the moment, and I havent even flow it yet!
As the previous poster stated, that happened to a friend of mine yesterday. After several restarts of the Typhoon and tilts, it finally worked.
Forget tilting it, pick it up and quite vigorously tilt it back and forth to get flashing link lights.
Folks, thanks for all you advice. It worked:)

Being a bit more vigorous and not counting made all the difference!

Guess I was just trying to be to gentle with my shiny new bird...

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