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36hrs Of Anxiety

Mar 8, 2020
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In these times things can happen,

A few weeks ago while researching reviews about the Phantom Pro 4+ V2.0 I stumbled across a "Flash Sale" on the net of factory refurbished complete RTF packages.

Quite a nice price, almost too good to be true but they accept Paypal so at least I might have purchase protection, not sure how that works but I think it's like if they misrepresent or try to defraud you of payment Paypal will help recover your payment.

Well I tried and tried to contact the seller, email & phone, never got a reply, they're supposed to be a cyber company so you'd think that they would have some means of working from home, let me add here, the day I ordered it California went into lock down of non-essential business's and that's where they're based.

Their web site was quite extensive, they carry all kinds of electronic surveillance stuff, along with quite a list of general electronic goodies,

So here's the anxiety, I had second thoughts about the purchase and tried to cancel it, no replies, but I did get a confirmation email that the order had been received, and I've tried at least once a day since to contact them and I can find their site, it's still up on the net, the flash sale part is gone but then Friday I got a notice from the post office that they tried to deliver a package too large form my mail box, and I couldn't get to the post office yesterday to get it so now I wait until Monday,,,,,,,,,,

During the same time on the net there was another vendor with very close to the same price and same unit as a flash sale.

I mean like the order could have gone to a warehouse, filled there by an employee/or robot, and shipped.

Paypal, I started a claim for non delivery with them and included all the attempts and the confirmation email from them.
Paypal states that I get to wait until 04/23 before they do something and I do understand a little about the problems resulting from the statewide Covid-19 lock downs,,,,,,,

Anybody ever heard of IDRONES360 ?
Friday I got a notice from the post office that they tried to deliver a package too large form my mail box, and I couldn't get to the post office yesterday to get it so now I wait until Monday,,,,,,,,,,

That part sounds encouraging. Yes, I know something about "butterflies in the stomach" when in this situation. But I hope you can take comfort from knowing at least SOMETHING is waiting for you at the post office.
Yeah, the time line is about right for the scenario,,,,,,,,

OK, so I just went to their site again and they have the same package at $100 more than the flash sale.

And it looks to be a ligit site,

I know that the P5 is coming out soon so maybe they're trying to clear out back log of inventory,,,,,,,
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Calvin, I would be worried if I did not recieve a tracking number or in your case the post office notice is a good thing. Here is the info you need for this site. scroll down to the lower half of the page to get the important info... GL!
This site is awesome!!

Yeah, the time line is about right for the scenario,,,,,,,,

OK, so I just went to their site again and they have the same package at $100 more than the flash sale.

And it looks to be a ligit site,

I know that the P5 is coming out soon so maybe they're trying to clear out back log of inventory,,,,,,,

I hav a friend that has a booth at a local "Flea Market" here in town, and he has access to a pleathera of electronics. he has a lot of the low end so called toy drones which is where I have been getting all the little ones I have used for the last 2 yrs. The reason I'm telling you this is the quality of the item is key here.

Example: All manufactures have assembly production, and not all that come off that line is of the same quality, hence the whole "quality control".
as the items come off the line there are several tests they need to pass to be of the highest quality and these are the ones you see at big name stores.
The lower the quality the lower the price will be as the come off the line, the ones left over are still functional and are offered to smaller retailers at severely discounted prices. It helps the oem company keep the overhead costs down and in return gets more of their product out there.

Now there is also the retailers that sell bulk, and these are the ones you are apparently dealing with. It is all legit, just a little less professional as you would expect from a big name store.
My buddy gets a flyer in his inbox from these bulk sellers, and have local sellers make offers on their new inventory, Then you have the buyers that just bought a bulk amount of items and now he lists them on his site as you see on Idrones360. This seller may not do this, but a lot of other low end sellers will also make repairs to the items if needed to achieve this top dollar. You may have seen like on ebay and others that their claim is a "Factory Refurb", while some may be just that, there is also the false claim of "Factory Refurb" sold by these low end no warranty low quality shops. From there the items can also end up in a flea market instead of a web site such as my friend does. I'm not saying this to discourage you, but more to inform you of the quality of what you might have just bought.
The site you linked doesn't show much encouragement, but still I've ordered and received lots of stuff and not all come with a complete list of shipping details.
Some, like this one don't send a shipped notification and they've shown up, some from Asia take quite a while as we are used to.

But still Paypal has buyer protection for goods & services, never had to use it but I've heard of it.
At least I didn't use my credit card for the purchase, then I'd have to wait a very long time for reimbursement.

I'm trying hard to keep the faith, just might new a very new company without the standards of of online expectations in place yet.
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As a business owner that is also a verified merchant with PayPal I can shed some light on this situation. Over the 14 years I have been with Paypal I have had a handful of disputes very similar to the one @Calvin is describing. Nearly all of them have been when a customer makes the same type of claim - 'did not receive item'. At that point Paypal opens a claim against the merchant and asks them to explain the situation. Again in nearly all off them (in my cases), the customer was sent tracking and failed to either view it or even acknowledge it and often times has no idea as to when to expect delivery so; they open a claim. (Not saying this is what happened here)

What Paypal does if the merchant provides communication emails and proof of tracking, they will simply look at the tracking and if it is still in transit they will wait until it arrives and the close the case in favor of the merchant - every time. In the case here, if there was an attempted delivery then it is likely Paypal will see this and close in favor of the merchant.

A couple things to consider:
  • Merchants are at the mercy of the shipper, shipping delays can and do happen and this is not necessarily the fault of the merchant. The corona virus is causing massive delays and rerouting, especially for small businesses right now.
  • A lot of times small business use shipping software that automatically send tracking data to the customer when the shipping is processed however; many email programs if the security level is set too high see an automated email as spam and throw it in the trash before the customer even sees it. (Ask me how I know)
  • Be careful making a claim too early because if (as in my cases), a claim is made prematurely and delivery is made, and Paypal finds in favor of a merchant, your chances of open another claim against them (if something really is wrong) will be diminished.
I've been a bit leery of the offer from when I first saw it on the net, but if indeed I do have a fully functional drone waiting at the post office and I pick it up then I'll cancel the claim immediately,
Not trying to defraud the seller by any means,

And if the deal turns into a soup sandwich I guess I'll have to take it on the chin as to speak,

The web site, I mean if it's a fraudulent site, can't something be done about that?
I mean like wouldn't that be illegal, maybe my notifying PP will start some sort of investigation by authorities?

I've visited the web site a few times, they have the same drone package for several different prices, ranging from around $1,400 all the way down to $400, it's like they'' take what ever they can for the product,

I'm sure there are a lot of them, and eventually either get caught or shut down,,,,,

If I do receive said drone and a problem arises with it then instead of dealing with the vendor I'll have to fix it myself,

All a learning process, I guess,,,,,,,,

19hrs and counting,,,,,,
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Yes, I was just pointing out that when you make a claim and the reason is 'did not receive' they look at that as the only complaint you have and once that is satisfied, the claim usually closes. If it were me I would call Paypal and explain your entire situation; (having second thoughts about validity of merchant) and so forth and let them give you your options.

They stand behind customers very well but you just need to be sure that what your claiming is verifiable. If you get it and all is well, then thats good. If you get it and something is wrong, call Paypal and explain your entire situation from purchase, through delivery and tell them why you felt as though the company may not be on the up and up just to be on record. Then contact the merchant and demand a return and let that process play out, if for any reason that falls apart, document it well and go back to Paypal and open another claim. Documentation is key make sure you find that sites 'Terms and Conditions' page and read it carefully and even take a screen shot before making the claim as that is what Paypal relys on. Good Luck.
Thanks, I just went to the site and copied their policy page, mater of fact I copied the entire page of the site, they state that they ship UPS & FED EX, no mention of USPS but it wouldn't be the first time either of those have used USPS, but by the math of the policy page I'm a few days shy of the delivery date, so maybe the post office has my main board for my Hubsan, but I've received lots of stuff from china in the mail without any need for signature, a the failed delivery doesn't mention signature required.

yeah, I'm really grasping for straws here, oh well,,,,,,,,,,,,
Been there.... as pilot has mentioned. as long as everything on your end is verifiable then with paypal you have no worries. but don't open a dispute until the last day of possible delivery.
I only use paypal. even if you use your credit card or debit card, you can add it to your paypal account as a preferred method and still have paypal protection. and that is the only way these days I will buy online.

Fingers crossed for you Calvin
Unfortunately I've already started the claim, and they want to wait until the 23rd,
I was trying to stop payment before they accepted the payment,,,,,,
Couldn't figure out how to cancel it ,,,,,

I picked up the waiting package, body shell part for my Bugs 3,,,,,,,,,
Ordered 1.5 months ago,,,,,,,,
From China,,,,,,

Had to sign for it,,,,,,,

Oh well,,,,,,,
The phone number for idrones360.com is the same as for this site https://mybrestore.com/ which claims to be in Houston, Texas at The Galleria.

The prices seen at idrones.com are very reminiscent of this site xdronestore.com. See this thread in our sister forum xdronestore scam?
Thanks for the link,
Got a couple of emails from paypal last night, seller provided a tracking number and that number shows delivered to my address to a woman,
But there's no woman living here, and the package weight is less that the drone weight,,,,,,,,,

This is going to take some hassle, and time.
Now I have to go down to UPS and file a claim with them and get to the bottom of this.
Well I know most of you are on the edge of your seats about this so let update you all.

Got an emai from Paypal, case was reopened and decided in my favor !

Refund is on the way !!!!!
Calvin great to hear! I saw that company and it looked suspicious so I googled it and found this thread. Thank you so much, you talked me out of dropping money on them!

I've since bought a gently used typhoon H and love it. It's really good to know PayPal came around. That was a slick looking website, everything looked legit. Congrats again.
There are a lot of them popping up in the last month. Be very cautious and research before entering any credit card info.
I ordered a RakonHeli airframe kit on another sale, but they sent me an email about the sale, one thing now that is bothering me to no end is that their contact email isn't working, like what ever I send to their address can't be delivered,

I've gone to their website and and used that contact info, same that was on the ad,

Yeah, slow learner,,,,,,,,,

As of late most of the stuff I've ordered from Asia is the same way, no shipping details, no confirmation emails but just about once a week something shows up from over there,,,,,,, takes a long time, just got a body shell top cover for my MJX Bugs 3 that I ordered a little over a month ago, some props I ordered for my Hubsan 501 came in Friday that I ordered almost two moths ago,,,,,,,,,

I'm not too worried about this sale, if it's again a repeat of this the path is now been traveled so I know exactly what to do and for sure it's not near what I almost lost with the DJI.
UP-DATE UP-DATE UP-DATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

WHOOOPIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rakon kit was delivered to my work place 3 days earlier than the estimated delivery date, it's going to be raining this weekend, it's my birthday, and finally got more than one drone project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The H+ I just got has a problem with the batteries sticking in the bird, real pain to remove. that's the first project.
Second project is the camera is off center to the left a degree or two when it boots up, not an issue so to speak but I'm pretty sure it can be re calibrated,
Third project is it doesn't link to Realsince, or so the message states on the screen during boot up,
And no owners manual with the kit,

I'm going to try and sneak in to the office today and print the one off of the H+ forum,

What I'm waiting for is a solder sucker and the a new main board for my Hubsan 501.

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