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A lesson learned, don't assume.


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Mar 2, 2019
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Jacksonville Florida
Applied to Yuneec for my No Fly Zone release. Received an email the next day asking for the required documents and stating to submit the required documentation via a reply to that email, I would be sent another email with a license key in it. I never received that email. I submitted the documents and a few days later received the update files and a copy of instructions. I went back to the original email that I received and hit the reply button and requested the license key again, no response. I went to the email that contained the files and instructions and requested the license key, stating I had not received it, no response. I sent in 3 different requests for the license key for both emails over a period of a couple of week or so. Then the thought hit me, maybe I need to initiate the request for the license in a new email which I did. I got a response the next day and they sent me the license key with an apology for the foul up.
I am relating this story to hopefully save someone else (that may be a noobe like me) the frustration of waiting on an email that never comes. I assumed that hitting the reply button on an email that was received would get back to the person that originated it. I guess I assumed wrong. Thanks for your time.
Thanks for the info, as I might be needing it. I have an RC shop that wants some aerial video done from a very-low height...approx 20-50ft. The "problem" is the proximity to the local airport (a somewhat-large metropolitan airport with domestic & international flights)...as in, 1 mile from the east side of the terminal, slightly further to the runways. Obviously, I'll be needing the "custom" firmware.

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