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Anyone coming from Phantom 3/4

May 25, 2016
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Hi ,

For those owning the H and Phantoms.

I want to add the H on my fleet, since Inspire is too big for me.

Hows the H performs on the following:
1) ease of deployment. Need to cal compass every flight ?
2) Hand catch possible ?
3) Mapview available ?
4) any diff pros/cons that you can think of.
Phantom 3 Pro flyer here:-

1) ease of deployment. Need to cal compass every flight ? - due to it's slightly larger profile it's not as easy to deploy from something like a table but I have taken off and landed from a narrow country lane without difficulties. Like the P3 you do not need to calibrate the compass on every flight.
2) Hand catch possible ? - Check out Lou Ming on youtube he has done a hand catch but I wouldn't Lou Ming
3) Mapview available ? - no map view, think we discussed that in another thread
4) any diff pros/cons that you can think of. - I would describe the usability as a Phantom 2 with FPV if you ever used a setup like that but with flight modes similar to the P3 e.g. orbit and POI. It's a capable flying platform, its better than the Phantom range in that respect, but the software is a limiting factor e.g. lack of map view and camera modes such as AEB and the wifi for the video feed is another limiting factor.

It'll be my go to machine when the backpack arrives but I am not selling the P3 Pro. I'm not sure the Inspire 1 is that big, but it's only a quad so does not have the redundancy of the Hex and its a lot of money in comparison to the H.
I have both and bring both with me to fly. Improving the controller app as mentioned above will greatly enhance the H. I always hand catch P3P, the H is so stable I like landing it but wouldn't be afraid to hand catch. You can shut down rotors with one hand more easily than holding both sticks in with one hand for P3P imo. IF you hand catch it's best imo to have the copter above you not at eye level and reach up to grab it so rotors are as far away from you as possible. Lightbridge has better range than H without antenna mod. Taking raw still frames with P3P I had to run them through dng cleaner to remove white dots that were present in the sky. Try and find someone near you that has one and check it out.

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