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Anyone flown H into IMC(low cloud layer)

The question should not have to be explained. This is the level of knowledge a drone flyer should understand. thats the great part about 107 and the knowledge base needed to sadly operate.
Good answer DC. If you want to be a remote control drone pilot you will have to know what your limits are. This was not a good question my friend and if you get caught by the FAA breaking their rules theyll confiscate your drone.
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Out of Line of Sight!, Water vapors! electrostatic charges, not wise my friend!:eek:
Big 10-4 on that,I'm in Redwood country and fog is how they get their moisture and it's very thick.In fact some of the pilots that were to go over to England during WW2 got fog flying training,here on the wet, I mean west coast. Here in extreme N.Calif.
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Go to the local airport, ask around you will probably find an IFR rated pilot who will give you a ride inside a cloud.
Then tell us you still want to fly your H in one.
I think the fear is that the FAA is taking a harder look at all drones in general.
We just done want to see things get real strict because a few people want to bend the rules. Don't take it personal, we are being over protective of a sport, a hobby and for some a lively hood.
All we need is one flight into a cloud with a decsending airplane in the same cloud. You get the idea.
Ok the tech stuff is coming online but that isn't the problem. We have crazys out and about flying at the end of runway. Endangering the public and public transport, private jets and general aviation just to show their friends the pictures taken from their drones. These acts have gotten the attention the press, the government, and the faa. It has made it harder on us, brought on more not less regulation, and now you have to register you babies. So yes we try to educate the noobs so that the faa will stop scrutinizing us and yes me.
Well that got out of hand. I pulled the original post and answer.
A chap awhile back did a cloud break with a Phantom it was very spectacular .No too many places in the UK where the cloud would be really low enough. Perhaps Scarborough in the North of England where they have amazingly low sea fog that puts double decker buses upper floor in cloud. Sadly all the good shots seem to be prohibited
Flying into IMC with a drone violates the "Line of Sight" rule
Many many Drone videos including mine on Youtube technically break the strict Guidelines as laid down in the UK. Provided flyers are sensible and competent we should be OK.

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