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Battery storage charge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RRomano, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. RRomano

    Feb 13, 2016
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    I have a Hobbyking Quattro 4x6 multi charger that I am using to charge my Lipo flight batteries. Then once I've flown and at the end of the evening I use it to put the batteries in a storage state until the next time I want to charge them up for flying. I was wondering if anybody has used a similar type charger to "charge/discharge/storage charge" for the YP-3 Li-ion battery in the transmitter?
  2. Sticks

    Jan 13, 2016
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    Denver area
    I would not worry about the transmitter battery. It holds a charge for a long time, and charges right off the usb connection. I had 5 flights (3 batteries each) over 4 weeks before I got to 25%, then it has been on one flight and in storage for a month since the last flight, and still has the full charge.

    The LiOn battery does not need any special care.