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battery charging

  1. J

    BAD batteries & camera quit paning

    Been very disappointed with this product. Bought it about 8 months ago. Camera no longer pans up & down. Both batteries no longer charge. Wtf Yuneec? Paid about what I can buy a DJI Spark for now. This POS product doesn’t even compare to DJI products. Save your $$ and don’t purchase this crap...
  2. D

    ST-16 mis reading Typhoon H Battery Voltage

    I'm having battery problems. I don't know if it is actually the batteries or communication with the ST-16. I can charge the batteries full, and the ST-16 reads voltage as full (16.6V) When I start up Typhoon, voltage still reads normal on the ground. With-in 5-10 seconds after lift off...
  3. B

    Expanding ST16 battery life

    Has anyone tried to extend the battery life on their ST16 by using a USB battery pack/power bank? I've tried a couple of times to charge the st16 while operating using the external battery packs. I can get the battery to maintain its current charge but never actually charge. Last time I tried...
  4. K

    What does a puffed battery look like?

    Hi, just talked to Yuneec and they were asking me if my battery was puffed. Just wondering if someone has a picture of a puffed battery, My 2 batteries look the same and don't looked puffed to me, is it very obvious when they are? many thanks from Spain :)
  5. kayakmtb

    Fast Charging Typhoon H batteries

    Hello All I am looking to get a better charger for my Typhoon H batteries, replacing the one that comes with the UAS. Yuneec UK sell this (a fast charger): Chargers and Batteries : Dual Battery Fast-Charge Station for Typhoon H However, I have seen other discussions that say that fast...
  6. kayakmtb

    Battery or Charger Problems

    Hi All I am new to the Typhoon and I am concerned that I may have a battery problem. Nor am I an electrical engineer! So any help from those of you with far greater experience than me would be great. I have 3 batteries and after a flight a few days ago whenever I put them in the charger I...
  7. Y

    Great Item!!!

    SSE Voltage Battery Tester with LCD Display and LED Indication For Yuneec Q500, Q500+, Q500 4K and Typhoon H Batteries
  8. A

    One battery OK, one battery solid red

    Hi everyone. I've got a new Typhoon H that's going to be a donation to a local fire department, and I think there's a problem with a battery. One battery on the charger shows solid green "good to go", but the other battery shows solid red. I'm searching around for a clue to this, and found this...
  9. M

    help me , battery cannot charge

    HELP ME PLEASE.. After 1 flight , both my battery 5400mah yuneec is drained . I'm using 0riginal charger from the box to charge, but it error. Both my new battery show solid red light (error) when i want charge.
  10. B

    Battery charger blinks green, will not charge

    I just received my camera back from yuneec for repairs, I go to charge the battery and the charger just blinks green and will not charge. I checked to ensure all connections are correct and the fuse does not appear to be blown. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. S

    Charging Low Battery Issues

    Hello all, new to the community here. I recently bought a second battery for my 4K to have some more flight time. I got the "battery extremely low" warning while flying and landed for a charge, however, my charger shows an error when I plug the battery in. The charger fills my first battery up...
  12. Chris McMillan

    ST16 Charging indicator?

    Can anyone tell me how you can check if the ST16 has any way of telling you it's charging? I've gone into "Pad>settings>battery" but there's no sign that it's being charged when it's plugged in. Also, during my first charge of the H battery, the lights go out completely when fully charged...is...
  13. J

    Bad battery or charger? please help!

    So I received my Typhoon H early this morning today and unfortunately either my battery or charger is defective. When I plug the battery in to the dock nothing happens the green flashing light keeps flashing green but some times it beeps with a blue flashing light. Has anyone had this issue...
  14. R

    Battery storage charge

    I have a Hobbyking Quattro 4x6 multi charger that I am using to charge my Lipo flight batteries. Then once I've flown and at the end of the evening I use it to put the batteries in a storage state until the next time I want to charge them up for flying. I was wondering if anybody has used a...