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BIG and frightening problem since last update

I just sent this mail to Yuneec after the last smaller update:

I would need two more clarifications:
  • Could you explain me what function do have the buttons T3 and T4 from the annex have? One of them is the zoom, yet T4 doesn't seem to do anything anymore. Formerly T3 was the big zoom steps, and T4 the small zoom steps.
  • when activation the geofence with the HOLD function, the drone gets stuck. Only way of getting him back is doing a RTL, yet I don't want that. Sometimes doing that is dangerous, and moreover, during a mission, I don't want to restart all over again. Can I change the HOLD setting to WARNING once it gets stuck (so during the flight)? Why can't the hold not just stop the drone at the boundary, but let me continue to fly? Is switching in the settings to WARNING going to work? That would be a work around, yet best would be if the HOLD function is just to hold the drone within the boundaries, not to force a RTL...
Besides these clarifications, I really do have an urgent request that should be very easy to implement as before it was implemented. Can you please return the function ROI? I really would need this function, which I used many times before. All of a sudden, this function is gone without notice, yet this was a major advantage of the H520 compared to other drones...

Is it possible that the connection range with the E90 is worse than before since the last updates? Yesterday I went for a fly, clear sky, no obstructions, yet I twice had an interruption of the camera during flight...

Also, I noticed that the height in the EXIF data of the E90 is wrong I get height indications of 170 to 210m, yet I never was above 120m (my geofence is set to 120m). It's not the difference between AMSL and AGV, as the GLV is at 49m. When flying at 120m I get an indication of 210m, so 90m (!) difference.

For me these are the main findings after two batteries yesterday in the open field...
Too bad Yuneec doesn't provide a log of the changes...

I just noticed that the ROI is back since the last small update! Jippie!
okay that new firmware greatly improved the first gen h520. did 8 flights with the e90 no return to launch initiated by the controller at all. plus no more issues with camera orientation and direction of the first gen h520 no connection loss no lag. biggest surprise increased distance from controller hit over 8000 ft with oem antennas only. before recent firmware 2500ft was the best it could do reliably. orbit increased to over 1000ft diameter h520e got that beat. but they closed the performance gap between h520 and h520e.
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Is the height in the exif data still an issue or was that corrected as well? I am referring to the e90. Would you say it’s safe to update to the latest software?
Is the height in the exif data still an issue or was that corrected as well? I am referring to the e90. Would you say it’s safe to update to the latest software?

yes it still is. but also on our DJI drones this is an issue...
I made the jump and updated to all of the latest firmware via update pilot. Seems to have gone well. I performed 1 short flight without major issues. I did momentary lose link but landed without a problem. I did notice “high accelerometer bias” error when near metal objects. After a calibration it went away. Will do extensive flying tomorrow, fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.
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5000ft was done on farm land. I have not done suburban or urban areas yet. before firmware on farm land I was limited to 2300ft before issues. also had issues with rtl triggering with nose of the first gen h520 pointed any direction except away from facing me so far that been fixed. if you can get to a area where the tree line is about 1200ft from your launch point and about a football feild size of clear area on your left and right side.. you should be good to go. watch your rssi on your controller try to keep it above 66 to 67 and try to keep the camera number as low as possible at 66 to 67 may cause some video lag 68 to 70 the camera may dropout. but you will still have control of the craft but you be flying blind.
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as of now range limitations are almost on the battery capacity not just on control signal range. the gap between first gen h520 and h520e in distance from controller has narrowed a bit.
right now I am waiting on my ace gen 6300mah h480 battery to charge on a charge cable attached to a third party charger and charging at 4 amps and compare the flight time with the dual evpeak dy3 charger.
those were new range test I was doing with the new firmware with all stock equipment.
Cool...but doesn't matter. If the video drops out, just look at the aircraft and maneuver it. Simple.
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6 more runs done with h520e with 4hawks xr attached h3 batteries can make it for long distances so long that you need a visual observer in the field with 2 way radio communications. h520e oem battery can do a little bit further than that. with stock antennas about 8000fft max range.
well that did not go as planned e50 range is 3000ft . and vary with camera orientation vs airframe orientation. greatly. my c23 will hit over 5000tt but it's crippled camera. my e90 which was mostly functional the lens itself almost popped right out the front of the camera so that were my focal issues came from. I can use the c23 to fix the e90 swap lens and sensor boards and make the cripple c23 a fpv cam for first gen h520.
So I flew with the latest firmware. Did extensive flying and no major issues. One problematic discovery was that the e90 starts leaning very heavily horizontally. Anyone have a similar experience or know how to fix that e90 issue?

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