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Breeze 4k GPS corruption? digs hole virt

Apr 20, 2020
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Upstate SC
Hi peeps,

First and foremost, I would like thank you guys for the all information and contributions to this forum. Well according to what I have read, wifi issues etc. I have been lucky.. (with accommodations) Purchased Breeze spring-summer 2016.
UAV is still used occasionally for indoor capture, about 1 once a month. You (pal) better have the floor covered with enough objects for me to do this.
This is the only Yuneec UAV I own. I never had an issue other than wrecking indoors, because of optically repeating stuff like wood, carpet, etc... and trimming leaves outside.
I had charged up my 4 gifi 2A batts to go to a location, client not ready, well its gonna be another 3 weeks...blah So I arrive home needing to bleed off some batt charge for storage.
I go through 3 of the batts... no problem with anything. BTW...I am not using my Repeater, this gives me solid wifi, streaming, etc...in max geo fence, Breeze cam Red Crazy...
OK, on my 4th batt started out with just a journey mode all was ok in automation until at the end, it did not come back it hovered in position, hmmmm, still flying. wifi sketchy.
Allright so i want to back out of journey, since it failed, then go to pilot and RTH. but I started another journey out from that point whoops,
I quickly backed out and started making home no problem, lost wifi a few x along the way so i stop home automation as soon decent starts, make some horizontal adjustments then i eventually go up 80m I can see I am having an IR err (log),
bring the uav down and just land.... but to me on the ground it went from rapid decent to a landing decent way too hi. I noticed on my phone (dedicated Samsung S7) it started going negative in altitude, I just decide wait on it to land,
well at 3m it appears to go back to rapid decent, no damage though.

Update: IR assy has cold solder joints. Protect ant gone. see pic
All righty then, time to wip out the weller.

Still I am curious to the fact of when the error occurred. What corrupted my GPS alt?
To me, the landing makes sense, if the IR sensor was not working, even though log does not indicate err...at that time.

also, I ignored my own rule to ALWAYS use repeater outside. man, it would have took too long to setup, first half of 2017
I had the repeater/laptop able to bind to the breeze <1 min. Heavy use outdoors at the time.

Update2: remove solder and ir assy check connection to MB, good. clean all contacts,reinstall, solder, apply light layer of silicone..
Reset and re calibrate Breeze.
Found repeater, finally, setup again. Test good. return to same location, all good!!!
I was able at altitude and able to back out of OEM Breeze Cam, and start Breeze Cam Red. Awesome. whatever

Hopefully, cold solder joints that also caused system corruption was the issue.

I would really apperciate if one of you brillant peeps would please check my log-file and see if you see something of concern.
(due to failed journey automation at the beginning)

vid starts during rapid decent compare gps to vid.... it was about dark, another reason i didn't use repeater....

Thanks plenty, G-day...


first time i dug a hole!!!!


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