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Camera CGO3+ not sending video

Jun 3, 2018
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The CGO3+ when turned on starts, but the led remain white and not any beep. Used another camera in the same H and it worked fine, for sure the problem is in the camera camera. Also try to connect to my wifi phone and do not connect. The camera It is been sitting for almost a year, was working last time. I push the wifi reset button nothing happened, the gimbal works fine but the camera freezes after turn on.
When I first start the drone the camera was bind but no video in the ST16 and the led was white all the time, tried with a new model in the ST16 and the camera stop to bind at all.

Appreciate any advice on what could be the problem.
Sounds like the WiFi board may be bad or needs to be properly reset.
The following link is to a post about doing a reset.
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Thank you for your answer DoomMeister, I reset the camera as the link, but no look, guess can be the WiFi board.
The GCO3 camera uses the seam WiFi Board ?
It should be the same. First, check the antenna for solder cracks or you'll kill one more board.
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....., guess can be the WiFi board.
The GCO3 camera uses the seam WiFi Board ?
If the WIFI board is bad, the camera LED will normally only show some combination of solid red/white for a few seconds after power on. It will then begin to flash only red continuously.
Solid white that does not change is more often associated with a problem with the Main Camera board, the small Lens Board or the ribbon between the two. I don't know a way to diagnose which is the problem other than changing the parts out one at a time. I would for sure try the reset several times before swapping out parts.
Camera_Gimbal Difference.jpg

The lens board and WIFI board are the same between CGo3 and CG03+.
The main camera board for CGo3 is somewhat compatible with the CGo3+, but perhaps only enough to test for functionality. The video from CGo3 will look rough on an ST16. Also, all CGo3+ have the microphones in the camera shell and soldered directly to the main camera board. The CGo3 often has the microphones in the camera mount and connects to the main camera board via cable.
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Thank you for taking the time to post, in the back of the camera there is a small hole that can be push to reset something, can be useful reset it to fix the camera ???


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Not for sure. Only the buttons are near the sd card slot.


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