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Camera loss of wifi

Jun 7, 2016
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Peak District, UK
Apologies if this has already been posted
My first flights today and tried the camera out, first in video mode which worked fine but I found when I switched to stills mode it lost the connection, this happened twice. If I landed, stopped the motors then it came back and i could fly and take stills. I didnt have to reboot the H
I've had this happen 3 times now. First time the H was about 300 ft up and I was trying that auto panning when the connection was lost. Second time I had just taken off and the H was about 10 ft away and the last time I was descending from 300 ft and at about 100 ft up. So it seems pretty random and not because of being to far out. Each time the video recording stopped and when the connection resumed all the camera settings went back to default (I fly with manual camera settings).
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That should not happen when the "H" is within range. The only item I have read on this from Yuneec was concerning distance. Basically if your drone is far away close to the edge of video connection, don't play with the camera settings.

Check that your antennas are making good contact.
Same issue here. Camera connection was lost and distance was only about 20 m. Camera stopped also recording and file was corrupted. Looks like camera force reboots. Maybe camera loss power because of bad power line (bad slip ring in gimbal or something else). If it is mechanical issue, software updates will not fix that problem.

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