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Can’t find Android app for CGO-1

my phone is samsung galaxy a13
have 5g wifi
i connect camera with wifi and after open app
but not working app
and the app download from third because is not in google play for this android i have android 13
The CG01 is from 2014 and earlier. The Samsung Galaxy A13 was from 2022. They are not compatible. The APPS that will work on one will not work on the other.
Android 11 is also too new.
The latest Android version I know will work was Android 4.3.
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some different way to see this camera?
i know mac address,ip,ssid,password from this camera
I assume your Chroma has the Spectrum receiver in it, requiring the use of the phone.
You can also change the receiver to use an ST10+ controller which has the compatible video built in.
The Chroma receiver may be hard to find. The Q500 and Typhoon H are the same receiver, just different wire lengths and wire color. ST10+ controllers can often be found on eBay.
i have 350qx2 with spektrum dx7
You are pretty limited to finding a 2014 era smartphone. While it is possible to install a ST10 type receiver, I seem to recall there were some nuisance issues about warnings that would come up on screen. And it would likely become more expensive that replacing the smartphone.

@h-elsner was a big fan of the 350QX series. He may have more to offer.
It's almost 10 yrs old...
Last weekend I was in an electronic fair and there was one used, I was tried to buy it, thank goodness I did not succumb to temptation...
ha ha this model is vintage but i love it
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