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Can't decide on Drone!

Dec 18, 2015
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Hi all, new to the forum. I am trying to decide between the Typhoon Q500 4k or the 3dr Solo. I know the solo is more money, but I have found one for 1300 including the camera so price isnt the factor. Can anyone tell me why the Q500 is better than the 3dr drone if it is? I understand I am on the Yuneec forums, but I need to hear the good and bad about the Q500. A lot of people on the DJI forums say the range of the video on the Q500 isnt great and there's lag etc etc etc.

Can the altitude of the RTH be pre-set in case of signal loss?
Is Flyaway an issue?
I am leaning towards Yuneec solely because of the great stories I hear from friends with Yuneec.

Please help! Try to be objective if possible!
I was back and forth also but mine was between the Chroma and the Typhoon. I ended up with the Typhoon 4k. Reasons: Lower Price, Larger Quad more stable, Color of Quad and Smaller Size of the Case than the pelican that the Chroma was being bundled with. Price was only $50 difference. I too leaned towards Yuneec because of some of the great reviews. Good Luck.
My two cents worth.
Many in here know enough about the hobby to make a far more educated choice in their selection process than some of us were able to before we made a choice. I am one of those and doubt that I am alone. Simply looking at specs, doing an A B comparison was not enlightening enough. I didn't know enough to audition the two finalists. I had to rely on others. I read as much as I could watched more YouTube videos to last a life time,

Finally it boiled to a choice between Yuneec Q500 4K and DJI Pro. They were priced comparably. Their differences were far outside my ability to comprehend. I felt thousands of DJI owners couldn't have all made a bad choice. SO I made their selection one of my finalists.

Like I said the differences between the two were minimal or outside of a novice's ability to decipher. For me it boiled down to what happens if I needed some help. Who will be there to help me. Is the manufacturer too busy building and selling and meeting the demand that they won't have time to help me. I read the reviews, I read the forums. There was a constant in the concerns. When you call DJI for support, it may be a week, oit may be two weeks before someone will help you.Yuneec owners seem to be generally happy that folks in California were not only able to help, but most importantly were WILLING to help.

Yup, I was that shallow, that unsophisticated in my selection process. It all boiled down to CUSTOMER SERVICE. I hope Yuneec as it gets bigger and has a larger share of the market does not forget that and never reaches a point where they use the all too well known excuse why a company can not help you when you need the help, not when they get around to it. You know the excuse you have all heard it before... "We are too busy, because we have so many customers we can't help you now."!

If a smaller company with limited sales and limited resources can help me when I need the help, a bigger company with better revenues should scale up their support accordingly and never get so big and busy that they don't have time for ME.

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