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Choppy Video

Dec 5, 2015
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Ok I'm new at this. The videos I shoot with the Drone are frustrating to watch. They are smooth for a few seconds, then it starts to lag and get choppy.
Set at 1920x1080 60fps
I just bought a 95 mb/sec sandisk ultra card hope that helps ??
Any suggestions would be appreciated
Found this on another forum. Maybe it'll answer some questions.

First of all to play 4k you must record in 4k - silly I now but this means it writes lots of data. More than the other formats, so the file is much bigger.

So with this mass of data you need three things to play back such video
1 a 4k screen of sorts - usually a tv. A monitor will do but does yours support 4k?
2 The right codec to process it, most newish programs have this or it is a question of updating such on your computer.
3 Biggest issue , a computer that is big and fast enough to process it. The slower the machine the longer it takes to process.

Sounds simple doesn't it but if only was.

If you have a modern computer with a fast chip then you stand a good chance. Likewise if you use a Cyberlink program or VLC or Divx etc. just ensure you have updated the codec for 4k. (suggest check updates / visit the site)

Even if you have a MAC you just need to check it has all the latest updates and it is very likely you will be ok.

If you have an old machine then I suggest record in 1080 or there abouts and you will still get great video.

As mentioned in other posts its great having 4k but there is an ongoing requirement that a lot of members may not have to hand at present.

Maybe Santa will bring ? :)
I had the same problems with my first tries.
Have captured videos in different resolutions. Playing them on my Asus G74S Core i7-2620M, Nvidia GTX 560M ... I was wondering about many interruptions while it was playing with VLC.
My first idea was .... the SD-Card ... Samsung Evo Pro ... get a
faster Card. Bought a Transcend Ultra 633x ... still the same problem.

Never had any problems by playing FullHD(1920x1080) but the videos
from the yuneec-cam seems to be corrupt. When I played the 4K 4096x2160F25 format, the video was only shown cropped.
First time ever I started the windows media-player. Never used it before and I was wondering, the videofiles played without any problems. Also the 4K Video.

I tried to fix vlc by its videosetting without any success. VLC was the last release. I have fixed the playback problem with a simple RESET to default of its settings. Now, all my apparent corrupted videofiles play without any problems in VLC.

My problem now: Adobe Premiere CS6 does not like to use

It only accepts 3840x1440 and 1920x1080

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