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Created a Thread to Introduce Yourself!

Welcome fellow Droner...;)....There is a lot of good first hand information in this 4K site from fellow 4K Droners.
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I just joined today, 01/15/2016.
I've been following the Facebook Yuneec groups but was looking for something like this, just Yuneec "pilots" to get experiences and problems to help should I encounter them also.

I've had my Q500+ since November, and I have flown it about 6 times so far, and crashed it once, on the second flight. I was too eager to fly and as a newbie I took a chance in too close of a flying area with a bit too much wind and it drifted, wind pushed, into a storage building on our property. It only fell about 6 feet but that was enough! A little over $100.00 in replacement parts, and now on hand spare parts should it happen again, but it was a mistake to take the chance!
Any other new owners seeing this, Patience and a large open field to learn with is a MUST!
Buying it just before winter in the Northwest US with the cold and snow has made me more looking forward to spring and summer now!
Where I live my biggest concern is having a local shoot the copter down! I live in a very rural area but so far no issues. I did register on December on the 21st as I'm a private pilot also just looking for getting low aerial photos and video again and even better than the ones I'd take while flying a small plane. So far I love it!
Hi, I'm Joaquin, from Spain. I used to fly a Parrot Bebop but it lies now in the bottom of the sea. I proud owner of a Yuneec Q500 4K since last monday. Yesterday I did my first flight and everything worked OK. Happy to join this forum, I expect to learn a lot and share my experiences with you. Here is a footage of my first flight

Nice video Joaquin! I'm not sure if you can see the same YouTube in Spain that I see in the USA but if you search a guy named Jeff Sibelius, he has set up several how to basics on the Yuneec Q500+. They're pretty recent and YouTube only popped up with a recommendation to me last week. I watched them and they're actually really good and detailed.
As I'd said above in my introduction email I've only had mine sine November and have seen every Yuneec Q500 video I could find before and since getting mine and his are pretty good with some things in his videos I wasn't too sure about myself.
Nice looking area you live in. Mine is still snow and cold in North Idaho so I'm not flying very much....YET!!! Looking very forward to Spring.
My name is Aaron, I am new to quadcopters and I look forward to mastering the Typhoon Q500 4K I purchased yesterday! I live in sunny South Florida, I have a couple flights under my belt today in a very open area and I'm happy to say, all went well. I have noticed on the video playback that the footage seems broken every few seconds, I used the sd card that came with the copter, has anyone had this problem also?? I did purchase a larger capacity high speed card hoping that fixes the issue. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Thank you! I have the video setting at its highest, I have newer laptop i7 with 16gb ram not sure of the video card, but I can run complex cad files without any lag, so I doubt the computer is the issue, I used QuickTime viewer just to basically see the video, I haven't decided what I will use for editing software yet. I did get a bigger card last night that writes at high speed, hopefully that will help. 20+ mph wind today, so I doubt it will get any flight time in today. Once it is calm enough to fly, I will try the new card. If it helps, I will post on here.
It is the QuickTime, mine is unable to run 4K videos propperly, have a look at the video with windows media player, it works better
Hello, Ray here from sunny Gilbert AZ. Looks like it's going to be plenty of flying time here. We're already in the high 80's. Picked up my two Q500 4K's last week. Got a smoking deal for the two so they'll fit in nicely with the CX-20. Been a little under the weather with the flu bug going around so I haven't gotten out with either one yet. One thing about being sick you get plenty of time to you tube. Anyway looking forward to reading your post on the forum here.
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Hi all, my name is clive and I live in the uk. This time last year I was a proud owner of a dji phantom +. Had the whole summer with it and had some great times.

One day tho I was flying and hit a bird, sent my drone off and come crashing down causing quite a lot of damage.

Anyway long story short.. I've been watching the yuneec range and was just about to buy the q500 4k but then saw the
Typhoon h!! I'm waiting for this to come out hopefully in march. I'm getting very impatient haha.

Anyway just thought I would join the group as I'm sure I'll need some advice in the near future. Happy flying ☺
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Hello everyone , just found this forum and looking forward to spending time here. Currently have a couple of syma UAV s at the moment. I have been researching on what the next UAV should be and I decided it will be either the Q500+ or the k series. I am sure I will be able to get some great information here.
DSCN1325.JPG Hello -

John here. I live on central California coast near Morro Bay. Am relatively new to the whole RC thing and at age 61 it's quite different from anything I've done before. I did not grow up with a video game controller in hand like some people did.

My son gave me a GoPro Hero4 camera last year and I tried to research on the internet how to use it. In short order I became convinced that aerial photography/videography was a reachable goal. That of course lead to the multicopter world.

Upon having received good advice to start small and cheap, I bought a little Hubsan with no GPS - total manual control. I also completed a scratch-built tricopter project - also manual with no GPS. After gradually getting the hang of flying multicopters, I broke down and bought a DJI Phantom 2 after a substantial price drop. I added a video TX, and video RX to the system and jury rigged my own FPV rig using a back-up automotive monitor attached to my transmitter.

About this time my girlfriend saw the promo video for the Lily and pre-purchased one of those which we are still waiting on. I was somewhat disappointed when it was recently announced that they would not be shipping in February 2016 as originally advertised. Not sure if it will perform as advertised either... have heard mixed reviews from people who apparently have witnessed failed demos at trade shows, etc.

When I saw a Typhoon 4K advertised recently on sale, I went ahead and ordered up. The guy had several in stock which sold out overnight. I have not received it yet but am looking forward to receiving and trying it out. I was on the fence between the Typhoon and the Phantom 3 Advanced (also heavily discounted) but with the price drop, the included video screen on the Typhoon, and claimed customer support from Yuneec, I jumped in.

I now have 4 flyable multicopters and enough parts for a couple more as well as the Lily and Typhoon on the way. SHEESH - These things should come with a warning label "May be habit forming or addicting."

Thanks in advance to all who share so much information with the rest of us who are trying to learn.
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Hi everybody! My name is Magnus and i`m from Sweden. I´m a happy owner of a Q500 4K and a couple of smaller drones. I have really been looking forward to becoming a part of this forum. I´ve allready read a lot here and i´m glad everybody seems to have a good tone and manners when discussing this wonderful flying machines.
Tim from Yuneec in Ontario, CA. If you have any questions or concerns send me a message here or email me.
I bought a Q500+, was flying it for the first time today, was only fifteen feet in altitude, learning the controls. About 7 minutes in my controller makes a noise, I look at the screen and I think it said that I had lost gps connection, I immediately go to land and at about 4-5 feet in altitude the drone flipped sideways and crashed. Im thinking that should be fine, short drop, nope. Cracked the frame in two places and the gimbal looks out of whack.


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