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Damaged CGO2

May 16, 2020
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Hey guys.....I have an original Q500 with CGO2 camera. I crashed it due to a little overconfidence and stupidity flying it in my yard in an area I had no business trying to fly it in. So, I crashed it and did seemingly significant damage to the CGO2 itself. The aircraft is fine and after replacing the blades and test flying it without the camera, it flies fine. I have a friend who is good at repairing the CGO2 as I did some minor damage to it a while ago. But, in the event he can’t fix it this time.....just out of curiosity.....is the CGO2+ compatible with the original Q500 setup and system in case I need a whole new camera? I can’t find any CGO2s for sale online or anywhere. What are the major differences between the two cameras, and is the “+“ still compatible with the original Q500 and ST10? Any advice and help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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Oct 27, 2018
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North Carolina Piedmont, USA
No real difference between CGo2 and CGo2+. I think one has a wider angle lens than the other. I don't remember which was wider, but it wasn't enough to write home about. The CG02+ was supposed to have less distortion around the edges. Again, not much noticeable difference.

The CGo3 is also compatible with your Q500. You will have to use the pigtail to power it. The pigtail SHOULD come with the camera, but often does not. Ask before you buy. The pigtail from your CGo2 will not work with the CGo3. The drone end is the same, but the camera end is different. You could also power the CGo3 by installing the "hot shoe" camera mount from a Q500 4K.
The CGo3 will work on your ST10, but I don't believe you will have access to the CGo3 camera settings unless you upgrade to an ST10+.
Going with CGo3 is a little more to do, but it's at least an option to consider. CGo3 cameras are more commonly available, and is a much more advanced camera.

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