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Difficult to give CGO3+ lens interchangeability?

Discussion in 'Typhoon H Discussion' started by David Armstrong, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. David Armstrong

    Jun 8, 2016
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    I am interested in installing a new lens on my CGO3+, once the warranty runs out.
    I was a little leery of doing it myself when I heard that some of the CGO3+ cameras don't utilize threads anymore and are just glued in.
    I visited www.peauproductions.com and noticed that they carry a threaded mount that you can replace in the CGO3+ if yours does not have threads.

    I guess my questions is, how hard and time consuming is it to refocus an aftermarket lens?
    I am interested in either the 3.97 or the 8.25, but is there the possibility of using both?
    Would there be an issue with swapping lenses depending on the FOV you are trying to achieve?
    If it doesn't take to long to refocus, I might pick up both lenses for versatility's sake.

    It would be great to hear some feedback from someone that has modified their camera with a Peau aftermarket lens.
  2. BillyTexas

    Aug 2, 2016
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    Watch this

    Bill W.
  3. Jussaguy

    May 20, 2016
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    In the thread that I created to show my own comparisons with a never been used H, I am going to take some shots and then change out the lens, I think I'm going with the 8.25mm rather than the 3.97 because the 8.25 brings you in 2x closer and it has a narrower FOV.

    CGO3+ Stock Camera Mod

    That installation looks sort of easy but also tedious. I want it to be perfect so I am going to let them install it and focus it for me and then go and take the same videos with the new lens. I will show the videos along the way before and after.

    Their videos are amazing.