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Easiest way to install a 11.1v 2200MAH 3S Lipo

May 16, 2021
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I have done this on two so far the other I actually soldered leads to run out to connect the battery.
Being as the stock batteries are known to fail I used one of the cases to make a connector to the bigger 2200mah battery as u can see in the pics below , u can slide in the case first till it clicks into the male power receiver inside the craft , then slide the battery into the craft till it touched the front of the battery case and make sure wires are not in the way of props and yes it is off Balance but it flys perfectly fine and for much longer .
I havnt done a distance and time test with a controller yet but tomorrow or this weekend I will let ya all know how long it flies for.
If the battery has balance leads u can use a multimeter or volt meter to measure the voltages to match the port on the stock case the vertices one going up and down is the positive the next one down is the 3.5v lead and is a blue wire in my case the next would be the 7.0v balance lead and the last one is the main 12v neg lead.
Now to fly it only needs the positive and the last negative to fly the breeze doesn't use the middle leads at all and inside the drone there are not even male connectors for them it is for the charger only. U can not use the breeze charger to charge you 3slipo with or without balance because of many reasons just don't do it . Or if u do let me know how it goes I'm sure it won't even charge but if it does that would be interesting. You can google a b86 or b6 rc charger and go from there .


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