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Ekf/motor error/magnetic field

Sep 15, 2022
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So I have a mantis q for a fue years now first flight I crashed it into the power lines and broke a motor and it sat for a fue years last week I finally got arround to getting a new arm and replacing it it was a refurbished one if that matters after replacment it flew fine with random motor errors popping up here and there it always remained it flight tho for about a week then one day I got a motor error and it slowly decended out of the sky I could not make it fly back up just went down in a neighbors back yard then after messing with it agin it worked fine for a fue more days until it just wouldn't take off anymore with one motor starting and stopping when u turn on the motors to get ready for takeoff reset everything and worked fine last night and today until I lost connection while flying and it just fell out of the sky didn't even tell me where it had landed like the first time lucky I was able to find it tho after that I flew it one more time and got the ekf error and magnetic field recalibrate compass warning was very low to the ground but literally just motors stopped and fell right down instantly when the warning came on the was able to fly agin after that. Unrelated but I also have neverror been able to get better than a 2 bar connection between my controller and drone ovi significantly shorting my range any suggestions would be greatly appreciated idk if I need a part to fix this or if the power lines and other electronics near me when I'm flying are causing all these issued or not I personally don't think it's the motor but mabe I am wrong I thing it's watwver is controlling the motor causing it to not function right but honestly don't know for sure also side note i did have a problem where the cooling fan would come loose and start rubbing on the case of the body I did glue it in place to prevent this but after the most recent fall I can hear it rubbing agin and seems to always have problem when that begins to rub and seince I glued it it seems to b much louder than it uses to b but had no other immediate option it was eather glue it so it couldn't come loose or get a new one
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"...or get a new one."

I think this part of your last sentence nailed it. You have a lot more patience than I.
Good luck.
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