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Feb 4, 2016
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i am not trying to start any controversy, or seeking an excuse to complain (i don't have any complaints), but I would like to know what actual flight times other users are getting. I understand there are millions of factors that come into play on this, but I am just wondering averages under whatever loads others are getting. I use a GoPro 3+ Silver but otherwise stock ship. I have not yet done my own endurance test, but I think it is adequate and close enough to expectations to suit me. What are you finding under your circumstances?
usually about 17 to 20 minutes but i use a timer and set it for 20 minutes , when i land it leaves about 3.75v to 3.80 v ( storage mode setting voltage ) left in the battery . i don't have to place ( charge ) my batteries in storage mode when i arrive home . one less charge on my batteries , you should never leave your batteries fully charged , they will last longer in storage mode unless you are going to fly the next day or in the next few hours . i only have two batteries and for now that's OK , i also fly a Blade 350 QX and have 4 batteries for that quad .one less charge on my batteries .
fly safe
20 minutes is average for me too. 25 is possible but batteries will be completely drained.
Please refresh my memory on the warnings. I usually get my first warning at around 11-12 mins. How many more warnings do I get? So far, because Im new, I usually start bringing mine in a minute or so after that first warning.
I watch the battery voltage. I don't even use a timer.

Battery looks to start off at 11.7 or 11.6 volts.

At 10.9 volts on the bird - I look to bring it back in.
My flights this way seem to be about 7 to 10 minutes.

I have fixed the Typhoon G from about 5 crashes.
Don't want more crashes.

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