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FAAs List of preapproved drones for commercial use.

They listed 1102. Yuneec Tornado H920 and 1104. Yuneec Typhoon H920 should have left off the 920
I agree. This really helps me with my decision between the H and the Inspire 1. I want to be able to get it licensed professionally.
I didnt say anything about the P4 being on there. As a matter of fact I said all the pHantoms exept the P4 are on there so im sure it will be soon.
I looked at all the Yuneec and all the Phantoms, unless I am blind, they are not there?
All of the Phantoms except the P4 just like I said but im sure it will be. As I stated in a previous comment I misread the Typhoon H.


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That's an old list from March, Of course the newer drones weren't on it. The FAA publishes a new list every month or so, the one that came out last week has both the YT-H and the P4 on it.
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Seriously if the Syma X5 is on the list the P4 will be on the list, in otherwords unless you have a microdrone you will be fine for commercial use when they update the list..

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