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Firmware update road map

May 31, 2016
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What has the firmware update cycle been like for previous Yuneec drones? Can we expect regular updates? are they usually just bug fixes or did additional features get added?

Personally I'm hoping for more apps available for the ST16. It being based on an android tablet opens it up to so much customisation and apps
Personally, I'd avoid loading too many apps on the ST16. Before selling off my phantom, there was a big hubbub about new dji software releases and the tablets needed to run the software suddenly being incompatible or having apps loaded that drained resources and causing the dji app to perform poorly. Not sure what type of processor the ST16 has but I'd hate to bog down the computing power of it because of some app deciding to run in the background. My feeling is to keep the ST16 as lean as possible and if needed, keep a tablet or laptop around for any mapping, analysis or video review.
Oh yeah totally get that. I won't be putting anything on thats not recommended by Yuneec, but it would be nice to say have an official maps app for example.
The actual DJI GO app was not bogged down, it was many people used the tablets for personal use also and had the tablet, not the Go app bogged down with games, emails and everything else. The ST 16 if left unaltered, would not become bogged down by just a upgrade lets say to the ST16 app. Adding a map overlay and other upgrades should not interference with the ST16 interface in my imagination !:)
Would love to see Litchi ported over for the H.

Not holding my breath.
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