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great Yuneec customer support experience in Europe (not)

Jul 22, 2021
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So here's my story:

I purchased a Mantis Q and set it up with two different smartphones (both with the latest yuneec pilot app version i found, 2.0.4) as follows:
- Essential Phone PH-1 with Android 10
- Google Pixel 4a with Android 11

Essential Phone works just fine (a bit of video lag when taking a picture but otherwise decent live video feed).
Pixel 4a doesn't have live video feed at all. I can fly the drone and take pictures and videos, but 'blindly'.

I wrote today to Yuneec Europe support ([email protected]) and I got extremely fast answer to my questions. Unfortunately, this might be one of the worst customer service experiences I've had in my life. To my first polite, detailed question about a possible solution for my issue, this was the crude answer:

we are very sorry but we have no solution for this issue

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Ihr Yuneec Service Team
(RMA System: Welcome!)

I answered inquiring about any upcoming update or solution or any kind of replacement or refund from their side, I got this:

"No, it is your phone together with the system android 11 which is giving the problem and not the product.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Ihr Yuneec Service Team

So basically there is a known issue with a product that is currently being sold officially, by which the product (which again, is not out of its life cycle as far as I'm aware) is fully or almost fully incompatible with the latest version of the most used mobile OS out there (version which by the way was released more than half a year ago). This information is of course nowhere to be found in their official website or in any third party vendors. Only thing mentioned is you need Android 5 or higher, but they don't specify 'as high as 10, not more'.

Basically, someone out there could purchase a brand new Mantis Q just to find out that it doesn't work with their current smartphone. And this is something Yuneec is fully aware of and they're not only not bothering to fix but they will even answer you in a crude and, frankly, rude manner if you write to their customer support. I know this is a three years old drone, but how can they keep selling it when they're not offering any support at all and the product is not compatible with so many smartphones out there?

Thanks for reading and for any potential tips or solutions... I needed to vent!
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Dec 25, 2017
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Genesee, MI USA
Thanks for the heads up on Android 11 incompatibility with the Yuneec Pilot app.

Does the app allow you to adjust camera settings, perform POI and other automated modes, takeoff, land, and RTH? Does it just lack the video feed from the camera?

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