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Gregreh's Goggle Guide - Very cheap fpv goggles using a smartphone

May 31, 2016
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You will need:

1. An android smartphone (Must be compatible with USB on the go (USB-OTG enables your phone to act as a USB host and by plugging in a USB-OTG cable you can plug in other USB devices such as USB sticks)

I have Nexus 6P but lots of phones are compatible with this. You just need to google your phones specs (there are apps in the play store that also check for USB-OTG compatibility - but I have not used them)

2. A USB-OTG (cable plugs into phone usb connector) - I purchased this for my Nexus 6P as it has USB C connector

Here is a link for phones with the more popular micro USB connector

3. Video capture stick (plugs into other end of USB-OTG cable) - It is very important you buy the correct one. Some have a different chip set which the app below will not support. Unfortunately the ebay seller that sold mine which I know works has stopped selling it. This one below looks identical though.
USB Audio Video VHS to DVD Capture Card Adapter Converter for Win7/8/XP

4. A male to male RCA/phono lead (plugs into the video capture stick)

5. HDMI-RCA/phono converter. (plugs into other end of RCA lead) Converts the signal from the ST16 HDMI socket to red, white, yellow phono connectors which plug into the other end of the phono lead

6. HDMI lead (plugs into the ST16)

7. Go FPV app. This app is in beta so you have to sign up (its very simple just click a button) to a group on Google+ to get access
Sign in - Google Accounts

8. VR headset of you choice. I have this one but you can even make one for free using a Google cardboard template
3D Virtual Video Game VR Box Reality For Google Cardboard Glasses Helmet Headset

Total Cost £32.45 or at todays exchange rate $43.....Obviously this can get even cheaper as I had bits for this lying around.

The resolution isn't top notch as the RCA converter and video capture stick have less than DVD resolutions so text isn't quite readable.....however the camera display when double tapping the ST16 I think is more than adequate. As you can see from the photo both screens are active, so if I wanted to check my battery I could quickly look.

The app can be setup so it auto loads when the capture card is plugged in to your phone and closes when unplugged. It can also show side by side images for using in goggles and also just one image, so if you have an android tablet this could be used as a monitor. Its a shame the resolution is not higher as the app can also record, meaning you could record the whole ST16 display including telemetry.

I will be mounting all the bits to the goggles so it should look quite neat.

Obviously your milage may very and I'm not responsible if something doesn't work, but hopefully this will help someone.

Any questions or suggestions just shout

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