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H Plus does not initialize

Nov 26, 2018
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Hello, out there fellow Drowners:

I am fairly new to droning, (well actually really new) and have found myself in a strange position wherein I have been flying my H+ fairly successfully. However since I live on a very small Caribbean island the No Fly Zone here is a 3-mile radius around our airport. I am working with Yuneec to install the software allowing changes to the aircraft software.

However, I now have come up with an issue that the H+ does not appear to initialize. In fact the only thing it appears to do is turn on the internal lights, initialize the camera and stop. None of the propeller lights turn on, only the one blue light under the battery. The H+ will not power down forcing me to remove the battery to turn it off. I have attempted to unbind and rebind, but while the St16s detects the H+, the will not bind.

All of this occurred following an occasion where everything was working fine.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
I would contact Yuneec customer service at the first opportunity. You have a relatively new machine and low on experience. Trying to fix what ails it yourself could quickly make any issues worse.
Thanks. I'm sure you are right, but I was hoping to find a quick answer over the weekend so I could go out droning in out beautiful Cayman weather.

Oh well! :cool:
Actually the bind to the camera succeeded, but even though the H shows up under the Drone header, the refresh icon does not move and of course, there is no successful bind for the drone. There are lights (blue and green) inside the drone, but otherwise is does not respond. I must take out the battery to cause the drone to power down.
Thanks for the tip, but I get no lights when I first initialize (2 rear green) or when I turn it over (all yellow). The only hint that there is power is that I can see blue and green lights INSIDE the H+.
Was this ever resolved?....I'm having the same problem.
This is an old thread, and It's been almost a year since last time the author was on the Forum.
If you would start a new thread, describing everything you see, and include any recent history, such as firmware updates, hard landings, long storage period, recent purchase, it will give us a much better chance to resolve your issue. If the drone is making any beep codes, a description of the code would be good, or a video with the codes. A copy of the flight logs may also reveal some clues.
The main thing is too start a new thread. Your issue will get much more attention as a new thread.

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