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H920 PLUS Complaints? In general, if you wouldnt mind sharing

Nov 5, 2016
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I am irritated with the whole H920/plus line in general. I then had upgrade to the plus.Waited and promised "2 weeks" for months, Then noting worked, battery issues, binding issues, case issues, flight time issues.. And so on. I am sure im not the oily one. If you wouldnt mind sharing your experiences, thank you. Oh, and now to hear that they are no longer selling or supporting ? Even worse. All the time and money lost with this Paperweight. I had to rent other units to complete some small jobs while out of the country, which cost me more money and headaches.
yup, same here. Waste of money, when I bought it, they told me they would have updates and different cameras available in the future.
I bought mine used not so long ago, I guess for the most I knew what I was buying and the price was okay considering it came with the GB603 gimbal an ST24 as well as a ST16 and the ProAction Grip handle.
It is incorrect to say they are no longer selling, they are and it is still listed on Yuneec UK at £3999
Are they still supporting? Well kind of, I took mine into Yuneec UK to have the premature low battery alarm lowered and I asked this very question. They are certainly supporting it at this level and still have spares for the most part.
I don't really understand how they can still market this though with the battery situation as it is, the Yuneec batteries are useless and the listed Tattu's are no longer available. They told me there were some new batteries for the 920 due in, by the time I got there they has all gone apparently and they were £300 each.
What is certain is there will be no firmware updates for the H920+ and while Yuneec UK may continue to support as they are able, support or development from China does not exist, so we have what we have.

There are many threads on here that go into much detail, the H920 is a fantastic platform that with continued development could have been a winner but Yuneec do not work that way.
The Typhoon H was the same, promises of development and cameras blah blah blah that never happen and then a new model and abondon the one you have.

However, the H920 carries a good camera and can create good photos and video, we just have accept this and use it for what it is.
As for me I will not be buying anymore Yuneec products unless proven. Never will I trust to development or updates, sad to say but I may have to start leaning towards big brother.
We can get parts, and some level of service from repair centers, but as you said, Yuneec abandoned the most viable commercial platform they had.

As you have the original 920 I don’t know if you can turn off the GPS and fly. If you can and haven’t done it yet give it a try in a wide open area. The top speed almost doubles and the sound of this bird at speed as it passes is kind of neat. Maneuvers big, but well. Using Zippy 5000 batteries the draw down is not deep, but hits the stock batteries kind of hard.
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I have 14 of the stock batteries I inherited. They are not much use. Of the 14 only three have IR of less than 100 mOhm and several have IR approaching 250
I flew the three sub 100's last night and did manage an acceptable flight time or at least enough to programme a CCC flight to save the Tattu's for filming.
I suspect that Yuneec UK's new batteries were just to move a few stock 920's as nothing has ever been listed for these.
Going forward I will need to get some Zippy's but have been hoping for an alternative with the right connectors. Maybe I wil have to improve my soldering after all.

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