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  1. dagmba

    H920 Tornado bundle

    For Sale: H920 Tornado V18 camera (new in box) CG04 Camera (new in case) Pro Action Grips (new in case) Battery Charger/Conditioner + 6 new batteries ST24 Controller Rigid Cases for Drone, CG04 and Action Grips Drone lighting (see pic) and strobes ASKING $850 OBO plus shipping For sale are the...
  2. C

    H920 - CGO4 - ST24 No Camera Tilt/Yaw Control

    Hi all, I recently purchased a H920 kit complete with 2 ST24 controllers and a CGO4 camera system. I’m having a problem with camera control from the controller. Here is my problem: I am able to bind to the drone and the camera fine. I have the video feed on my controller. However, the video...
  3. S

    Waypoints in H920 (not plus) & ST24

    Dear Yuneec H920 (not plus) users, I wanted to ask you, if there is a way to use waypoints with Tornado H920 (not plus) and ST24 station? From my initial search, it seams that waypoints are only available in H920 Plus with ST16 station. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could share their...
  4. S

    H920 lost connection (fly-away)

    Hi, may I ask you a question: I have purchased Tornado H920 (not plus) with ST24, ST12, and CGO4. During my second flight test, drone lost the connection with ST24 and flew away... It happened in an open field, when the drone was only 80 m above ground, and approx. 200 m away from the...
  5. A

    Yuneec v18 Kamera

    Hallo an alle suche eine yuneec v18 Kamera für meinen h920 wer eine zu verkaufen hat bitte melden lg Thomas
  6. P

    Getting the COGOET to work with 920

    Just got a new cgoet camera which I'm trying to use with my H920 + with the camera adapter installed. The camera connects and live output of camera is displayed. The problem is that that gimbal controls on the st-16 aren't working for this camera. Anyone have a work around for this?
  7. xavif315

    H920 PLUS Complaints? In general, if you wouldnt mind sharing

    I am irritated with the whole H920/plus line in general. I then had upgrade to the plus.Waited and promised "2 weeks" for months, Then noting worked, battery issues, binding issues, case issues, flight time issues.. And so on. I am sure im not the oily one. If you wouldnt mind sharing your...
  8. Breizhdrone

    Tornado H920 & H920+ and quick-release for propellers ?

    Hello, Do you have a feedback on the new Yuneec quick release fasteners for Tornado H920 & H920 Plus carbon propellers ? It must be said that it is held by plastic ! According to some, there would have been losses of propellers on flight, and some crashes with. Be careful, to hear the click...
  9. E

    GB603 with H920 Plus?

    Joe in the chat box on Vertigo Drones said: "So they are not compatible because that gimbal works with the ST24 and not the ST16." Can anyone confirm that? Thanks, Randolph
  10. DroneCalzone

    Anyone tried binding H480 using a H920+ profile on ST16?

    Hi, so did anyone try to take your ST16, make a H920 profile and then bind it to an actual H480 copter? Or, more interestingly, did anyone try to fly it? :D I tried binding it, and it seems to work flawlessly. Telemetry is there, all controls seem to work, video signal from CGO3+ is perfect...
  11. Brent D

    Waypoints test

    Decided to give the waypoints mod a test yesterday. It worked great... I didnt adjust the camera per/point. Just left it default.
  12. Dispatchdog

    H920 Bundle for sale in the UK

    Hi all, Looking to upgrade our equipment, so we need to get rid of our H920, Actioncam and all the bits and bobs that go with it. Will list all the items later, but this was just a general post to see if there was any interest before we put it for sale somewhere else. Offers in the region of...
  13. A

    Selling H920 Package

    Hi All, I hope this post is acceptable to Forum rules (I didn't find that it wasn't). Anyway, I'm selling my USED H920 package. And lots that goes with it. I've listed on eBay, but feel this is a good place to also put it out there. Copying the listing below. Contact for price...
  14. Dispatchdog

    Charging Batteries

    Hi all, Does anyone have any information regarding charging the Tattu 4000mAh batteries for the 920 using the Yuneec charging hub. Thanks, Steve
  15. jazzman81

    Typhoon H vs H920

    Does anyone know what the advantages the H920 has over the Typhoon H? For this discussion, I'm not referring to the cameras (CGO4 vs CGO3+), the CGO4 is clearly a better camera than the CGO3+. I looked up the price of the CGO4 and I saw a ~$2,700 price tag. H920 Specs Air Time 24 min Diagonal...
  16. B

    GoPro only setup for H920+ , what cable?

    How do I hook up a GoPro only to a H920+ ? No gimbal, I just want a simple FPV feed (a better camera will hang below). I cannot find anything on what cable to use. YouTube videos show me in the FPV setup how to select GoPro instead of the stock cameras. I assume this is all I need for a basic...
  17. Breizhdrone

    Tornado H920, GB603 & Sony A7 serie

    Hello, Do you know how adapt GB603 gimbal for H920 with Sony Alpha 7 camera serie ? Which equipment to adapt and which connector on Wireless downlink LK58 box for the IR port and balancer on the gimbal ? I don't find a Yuneec reference for that.... Thank you by advance for your help...
  18. V

    Difference between the H480 (w/RS), H920 (w/RS) and the H Pro?

    I am a bit skeptical on this deal listed online. I see that it has a CGO3 (not the 3+) does this mean it's a H 480? YUNEEC Typhoon H Hexacopter with Intel RealSense Technology Bundle includes CGO3 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera + YUNEEC Simulator + YUNEEC Wizard Wand + Sandisk 64GB Extreme MicroSDHC...
  19. K

    When will the H920 be brought in line with its SMALLER brothers?

    I Have the H920 and was shocked when i learned that it cant so quite simple tasks such as follow me or way points the other major thing for me (which is a must for any pro!) is the inability to preview your images / video ! Ive looked on the firmware updates part of the website and can see the...
  20. Cedaric

    H920 Team Mode HELP

    Hello An unusual issue H920 & CGO4 using 2 X ST 24 1 x Flight 1 X Visual Can not get full Camera control on Visual controller, only Zoom I Can operate Zoom & rotation only from Flight controller No camera pan up & down at all I Have put CGO4 & Gimbal on H920 ProAction &...