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HACKERS.... take over drone

Dec 16, 2017
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Near Disney
anyone know the dynamics of someone possibly over taking your drone with another controller...
i've often wondered about this when I lost my first toy drone and it just smoothly flew away and it seemed more like someone was controlling it more so than a drift- but I couldn't be certain
I don't believe such a thing is possible unless the other ST16 and your drone have somehow bound together (paired - binding process) without your knowledge or assistance..

Frankly, I'm more worried about 2-legged animals trying to pry it away from me, but they would be met with "destructive force"... LOL!
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It's not possible for a Yuneec product to be hijacked as far as I know. It is possible, however, to jam the control signal which could cause loss of control. In most cases that should trigger the return to home mode if the GPS is enabled.
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At startup there is a timeframe where an attacker can gain access to your breeze: Acting as an AP the breeze cycles through all available channels in the 5 GHz range starting from higher frequencies. So if you happen to have a smartphone capable only for the lower channels an attacker with a phone that operates in the higher channels can jump in first and "steal" the connection. You would notice this by getting no link to your breeze while the bad guy happily flies away with it.
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I've heard of a successful take over but I've read about these guys sending a bunch of information to a Parrot Bebop causing an overload and dropping out of the sky. It's been awhile since I read that

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