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Hello from Arizona

Jun 25, 2016
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I'm Ted Tiefel and I'm getting ready to pre-order the Typhoon H Realsense today. I've struggled in my decision between the Typhoon H and a Phantom 4. I believe I've made the right decision.

Looking forward to reading discussions in this forum and learning how to use my H.
I had the same dilema when i ordered mine, then crashed it the first day hahaha. Supposed to have it back today to play around some more with it. I love it so far..... Other than the fact i crashed it
What made you both pick this over the P4? Im in the same situation, I'm between the TH Pro and the P4.

Oddly enough, I'm in Chandler.
I couldn't see where to add my "fresh" introduction. I'm Greg, I live in Austin, Texas.
I bought a Typhoon G right around the 4th of July but just now took the time to get it off of the ground.

I live next door to a greenbelt, that is crossed by hi-tension electrical lines. I could NOT get my propellers to start. Once I came back home, figured out the GUI, and ran the tests, I was able to start it.

Then I kind of concluded that the magnetic fields around the power lines but be generating some interference with it. Anyway, I got it to fly and did some basic back and forth navigation and rotation of it. Haven't checked out the video yet.

I photograph architectural sculpture, and am anxious to become a good enough pilot to fly it up close and personal to some buildings, on which sculpture is pretty high up.

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