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Holidays, Typhoon H, Travel, & Batteries


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May 1, 2016
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N. California

It's that time of year when many are preparing to travel to visit loved ones, family, or just take some seasonal time off. Many will want to take their H along with them to capture some of the festivities and record those sights they want to take back home to view over and over to reflect upon some great times.

For those of you that plan on traveling using a commercial air carrier, please choose how you transport your batteries wisely, and legally. Aside from the fact it is illegal to put your flight batteries in your checked baggage, it's out right dangerous and puts the lives of everyone else on the plane at risk. Should anything happen, for any reason, that causes one to light itself up there is no possible way to access the checked baggage to put the fire out. If everyone is really lucky the fire will only destroy everyone's belonging's in the cargo hold, along with all the pets that were also being transported. If you are not lucky, everyone dies.

Put your batteries in your carry on luggage. If you don't have enough room, pull some other stuff out and put that in checked baggage to make room in the over head for your flight batteries. TSA may or may not check your batteries for w/h rating, but our H batteries are not a problem to carry quite a few in our carry on. If your checked luggage is one of those x-rayed and the batteries are discovered you are in for one **** of a fine, and will probably miss your flight. Yea, paying for a checked bag when you didn't plan on having any checked luggage is a pain, but that's not nearly as bad as the consequences if checked luggage batteries go off in flight. Shoot, if you know when where you are going far enough in advance you can either ship your batteries (declared of course) to yourself via UPS or some of the stuff you would have had to put in checked baggage. I've used that method a lot for over seas work. It's effective and pretty cheap over all. Less to carry and keep track of as well.

So please, take a moment and think about it. The odds are all the batteries out there will be just fine, but it will only take one to bring down a commercial flight. That one battery may be on the flight you or someone you care dearly about is on. Carry your batteries or ship them, don't put them in checked baggage. Fair skies, calm winds, and an early happy holidays to all.

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