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How Many Cycles Has Your H Battery Done !

Discussion in 'Typhoon H Discussion' started by Sparkorc, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Sparkorc

    May 24, 2016
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    Question :- Trying to evaluate the longevity of the Typhoon H Battery.

    Due to variables that could cause early battery failure I've included all the relevant questions I could think of unless anyone could think of something I have missed out please add it to the list of questions, Hopefully this will gain some interesting facts for all users.

    I was going to included Internal Resistance when new and at present, but as some chargers have not got this feature I've left this question out, it may have proved meaningless.

    1. How many cycles has your battery now done.

    2. And is the battery still performing as good.

    Battery now under performing / If dead please state.

    4. Charging method Std Yuneec Charger.

    5. Use a third party charger at what charge rate amps each single battery.

    6. Do you parallel charge if so how many battery's and at what charge rate.

    7. Whats the minimum voltage you land at.
    I've included my own data below to start.

    1. 30 cycles.
    2. Still Good.
    3. N/A.
    4. N/A (Not Used)
    5. 6 amp if charging a single batt.
    6. Parallel Charge x 2 Batts @12amps,purchased additional battery so will now be x 3 Batts @ 18amps.
    7. Land at 14.6 volts.
    8. Internal Resistance on a new battery just purchased.
    Individual cells measured I R 1 - 4. 6 - 4 - 3 -2 = total IR 15
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  2. Subtle Shots

    Oct 8, 2015
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    Aliso Viejo southern California
    12 cycles
    i Land at 14.8 volts
    Only using standard single Yuneec charger takes about two hours to charge at Yuneec's preset amperage.
    This original battery is still good...no puffiness...two months old

    I have ruined a couple q500 batts by taking hover flights to see if i could ever get 25 mins (19-21 mins were my longest flights)....now i go easy on each new batteries break in routine and then watch the voltages and land before it gives me a low battery warning. Seems like flying them too long is the way to shorten the batteries life to ten minutes and end up getting them get hot and puffy....
    Anyone out there getting 100 cycles on a single Yuneec battery yet?
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  3. Goh


    Apr 20, 2016
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    **** Please add in the flying time from 16.8V down to 14.6V*******
  4. Andyzonk

    Apr 25, 2016
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    Newquay - Cornwall - UK

    Total of 236 flights using 3 batteries.

    1. - 78 cycles per battery.

    2. - Batteries seem as strong as ever but hard to tell until I
    compare one of the used batteries with a new one.

    3. - As above.

    4. - Only ever used the Yuneec Battery Charger once, it
    takes too long. The First thing I did when I got my ‘H’ was
    to pull the Charge Connector out of the Stock Charger and
    make a Fast Charge lead.

    5. - I use an ‘Ultra-Power UP120AC DUO’ Charger. I
    balance charge at 7 Amps. I also have an ‘Ultra-Power
    UP300AC Touch’. I have (as a test) charged a battery at 15
    Amps to see what would happen. No Problems, the Battery
    did not even get warm. It took 15 minutes to fully charge.

    6. - No, I do not Parallel Charge. The ‘UP120AC DUO’
    has 2x independent Charging ports.

    7. - As soon as I see ‘14.7 Volts’ on the ST16 - I'm heading
    back to land.

    8. - Never timed a Flight but I would guess 12~15 minutes
    per battery.
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  5. David Wilson

    May 28, 2016
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    I also have about 75 flights on three different batteries. Two of my batteries are still going strong, one seems to be dying off. The two good batteries go about 17 minutes, the dying one is down to 12-14 max. I also start to land at 14.7 and always try to be on the ground at 14.5 or sooner. I only have the one stock charger, this is the thing I most dislike about my H. It just stinks not being able to charge "normally". I keep thinking other manufacturers will come out with batteries and chargers. I would really be happy if I could get about 20 minutes per flight and charge in an hour. Some day...
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  6. Sparkorc

    May 24, 2016
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    Subtle Shots - Thanks for your input please keep us informed if anything changes.

    Goh - Thanks have you any battery data you could include, I had thought about including flight times but I was sure most users have no real idea of flight times, because of so many variables on flying and weather conditions can have a big impact on flight times, I personally don't really know my own flight times due to the variables stated, but I keep a close eye on the battery voltage and always land at14.6 volts.

    Andyzonk - Thanks for your input that's the sort of details we need to evaluate the longevity of the H battery's, and its good to know your batts are at present 78 cycles and still all good, and like you I have never timed a flight but I guess 12 -15 minutes, please let us know if anything changes with your battery's Thanks.

    David Wilson - I'm assuming your battery's have had 75 cycles but one battery is failing, would it have been possible to have taken that specific battery down to below 14.5volts at any time, I'm not suggesting but just asking to find a possible cause of failure, regarding your other comments have you thought about obtaining battery connectors from Andy on this forum then purchase a third party charger, with my own setup I have been charging two H battery's in under 45 minutes and since I have another new battery this will change to 3 battery's charged in under 45 minutes.

    I hope more user can contribute their battery data asked for the more data received, the more accurate conclusions can be drawn regarding longevity of Typhoon H battery, and most likely causes of early failure.

    Whilst I did not include my own battery's Internal Resistance the new battery I have just purchased I will now include because its brand new and each new battery could easily have a different IR after manufacture.
  7. jngrally

    Jun 1, 2016
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    1. 5 Batteries 16 cycles on bats 1-3 6 cycles on bats 4 & 5.
    2. All batteries still good. No decrease in flight time.
    3. No
    4. N/A
    5. 6.5 amp balance charge
    6. No
    7. 14.5
    8. I am using one of Andy's charge connectors, and I modified a yuneec base to work with my dual charger.
    9. Have timed most flights. In calm conditions 14-16 min. Windy 10-12 min.
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