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How much wind can TH take?

May 7, 2016
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Gurdon, Ar
I have seen Lu Ming fly in a typhoon but no video from the bird. Here is a guy flying on Lake Ontario at 29 mph gusting to 40. Video from the camera. Now this is a good video record.

I've flown in 15 - 20 mph winds without problems. It certainly can handle much more wind that my Q500 4K. When the winds got above 8 or 9 mph, I would stay grounded with the Q.

The biggest issue I've encountered with the H in windy conditions is a bit more shaking and not as smooth. You would expect those issues in the wind I would guess.
Wow that is pretty stable for that amount of wind. Everyone I've shown video too from my H has remarked at how stable it is. Of course part of that is the gimbal but I have to think that without the H being a stable bird the gimbal would have to do so much more I'm sure it would show up in the video. You will really be able to see how stable it is when the realsense comes out. From experimenting with the Zed on my rover vibration will skew the depth results. So if the image is clean and the numbers its getting are repeatable while hovering you will know its super stable. No way to process that out with a depth camera if the image is fuzzed the depth readings will be off due to the disparity map being off. The disparity map works just like opening and closing each eye. The image shift you see is how the depth is calculated. In addition the RS has a ir projector that projects a checkerboard. Warping of the checkerboard around objects is how the depth is calculated when in that mode. All of this depends on sharp clearly defined borders. No stability = fuzzy borders = worthless depth readings. One of the main things that drove my decision to buy the H in fact. I knew if it was stable enough for operation of the RS it was going to be terrific for regular video. Amazing that the Zed came out less than a year ago and cost 500 bucks. Now the RS comes out and its miles ahead and its about 100 bucks. Gotta quit being an early adopter :)
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Griz you clearly know what your talking about. Glad you're on my team.

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