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Landing gear was not working properly, repaired

Feb 27, 2018
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Brisbane, Australia
This is not a thread created for questions just a short happy story :)

So I took my new(I mean new model to me) and a second hand TH out for updating gps and do a compass calibration in a big open field. After all was done I decided to take off and test dual panorama mode.

I started shooting but forgot to retract landing gear. Since I did not want to show the landing gear in my panorama I waited till shooting done and tried to retract landing gear being airborne. It did not look from my position on the ground like it was retracted at all so I landed, put the drone upside down and test retraction. One leg retracted about 30% and stopped, another one was not retracting at all.

The one that worked a bit felt very loose with at least 5-10% movement. It was not just after retraction it was loose all the time and even when I put drone on a flat surface it tilts slightly one side because of this play in one gear.
The other one that did not retract at all had 0 play in it like it was glued. I packed and went home imagining that I'd probably need to invest another $100-200 AUD just to get them fixed both. So much for buying a second hand drone that was claimed by the previous owner to be fully operational.
When I came home I started looking on the Internet how to repair them and how much replacement can cost me.

I found some videos how to remove them without opening a drone. I removed them both off and started look further with the one that did not move. I opened the box with a motor and nothing looked broken. Tried to move a shaft rod and it came out with washers and ball bearings coming off both ends. I put everything back hoping to search next how to test it. I am offen losing small screws so I have decided to screw them back until I find how to test motors. I put everything back together and decided to see what'd happen with retraction now. And surprise... both are working now like brand new and there is no play left in either of them.

So may be if something happens to your landing gear, try to open a small box with a servo motor, take the shaft out, put it back and see if it has fixed it.

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