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Lessons Learned - Might Be of Use

Jun 14, 2021
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Camera - I had previously replaced (a repair) the spindle motor in my H's camera gimbal. After the repair the camera would go through it's power on calibration and end up pointing left. It was possible to bring it back to face the front. The other day I was looking for some info and saw a comment about this issue. The person had the same issue but took his H to a Hobby shop for another reason. The Hobby shop commented on the camera facing left and said it was a common fault after repairs and that the gimbal assembly needed a simple adjustment. BUT they didn't say what that was! So I took my camera off of the H and split the damper platform. This revealed the wires and attachments coming off of the spindle motor and 4 Phillips headed screws going down into the gimbal. My logic dictated that in re-assembling the gimbal, I had the receptor for these 4 screws a quarter turn (90 degrees) out to the left. I undid the screws, lifted the plate to reveal a wheel, which I turned a quarter turn to the right. I replaced the cover, 4 x screws and the spindle wire fittings. With the gimbal back together, I re-fitted it to the H. Controller "On", Craft "On", the camera did it's calibration and came to rest pointing forwards. Simple when you know how.

5 Motor Error Warning - having sorted the camera, there was another issue I wanted to look at. At my last flight I seemed to have a problem in getting the H to respond to the paddle commands. I noticed that my daughter's neighbours house was festooned with CB aerials. I hoped this was the issue. With my Phantoms and Inspires I have simulated take offs by having no propellers on the crafts. So, I did the same with the H. The motors started but then 1 stopped and 3 sounded like a bag of spanners. Stopped and put away, I went on-line to look at motor prices, then searched YouTube for H motor repair videos. I found one titled "Typhoon H 5 Motor Error Warning".
Unlike my DJI craft, the H senses no propeller/no lift, so goes into the 5 Motor Error mode. It thinks the craft has lost a propeller in flight and gets you to perform an emergency landing. Lesson learned. Propellers on, tried again, the motors ran as sweet as a nut.

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