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Let's start posting photos and videos in the "Photos and Videos" section

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Let's start posting photo and video threads in the "Photos and Videos" section.

Once we Typhoon members get inside this section, we sometimes forget that Yuneec Pilots has other sections we can and often should use. If you click on the YuneecPilots logo at top left OR click on the small folder symbol located under the Magnifying Glass (Search) symbol at top right you will find where all the Yuneec Pilot areas are listed. "Photos and Videos" and "General Discussion" are two sections we need to use more often.

Exceptions: 1. If the pic or video explains a Typhoon H problem or solves a problem.
2. If you are inside a TH Discussion thread and your pic or video adds to the thread content.

Why not let them go anywhere? Keeping information orderly means it can be accessed more easily. This Typhoon H Discussion section is becoming crowded. Posts go by so quickly that even two days later they become hard to find.

Everyone loves pics and videos. :):):):):)
That's the main reason many of us bought the TH. Bring them on, but please try to use that section.
Photos and Videos
Not open for further replies.

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